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<ol><li> 1. How To MakeMoney With Zija </li><li> 2. However, what products does Zijaactually produce to sell?Essentially the main products itmarkets are a ready to drink mix,and smart mix which is aconcentrated form of Zija ready forthe consumer to mix.How To Make Money With Zija </li><li> 3. So, how do you actually makemoney in the Zija businessopportunity? The company claimsthat you can earn commissions in aseveral distinct ways, to include:direct sales, following rebate, teamcommissions, leadership checkbonuses, diamond cool bonus, thenmultiple business centers bonuses.When you really look at the Zijacompensation plan, appears to be avery competitive, if basic, MLMpayout plan.How To Make Money With Zija </li><li> 4. In summary, is Zija and thecompany worth all the buzz isgenerated or is the whole thing justa fraud? It absolutely looks like avery good product line with a solidmeans for its distributors makemoney. Let me caution however,that it is yet to be determined is themarket and industry can sustainyet another super juice company.How To Make Money With Zija </li><li> 5. Make 200$ daily &gt;http://andylank.com/200-daily-easy </li></ol>