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Presentation for the panel I was on called "Visualizing Twitter" at the 140 Twitter Conference in May 2009



2. About Twitalyzer Analytics Engine for Twitter Founded by Eric Peterson a recognized thought- leader and strategic consultant in Web Analytics. Portland, 2 3. About Twitalyzer more stuff We created a platform that allows social media experts, consultants and brands to analyze their influence on Twitter and who influences them. Over 100,000 Twitter users processed and several thousand actively monitored. Full API available 3 4. How Twitalyzer Works Built around Twitter API and Twitter Search API We have an API rate exception from Twitter Without the rate exception wed be SOL 4 5. Twitalyzer XML Parsing Engine Parse XML looking for specific data Build a summary and keep details for Pro users By-and-large the XML feed is reliable 5 6. Visualization tools We primarily use Google Visualization API Graphs, tables, pie charts, motion charts, etc. Why Google? Free Fast Easy to use Integration with other analytic apps and 6 7. Not Google: Summary Data7 8. Not Google: Cloud Views 8 9. And Return on Influence 9 10. ThisGoogle:Google Visualization Not is from Summary Data 10 11. Google Maps integratingw/ other Google Maps Visualization 11 12. Google Graphs: Tables 12 13. Google Graphs: Line 13 14. Google Graphs: Pies and Gauges 14 15. Google Graphs: 15 16. Google Motion 16 17. JavaScript is Dead Simple to Use Works like nearly all other Google visualizations The addRow() function is great for odd-sized data set 17 18. Motion Charts are AWESOME! 18 19. Motion Charts are FLEXIBLE! 19 20. Integratio= Analytics APIs kick ass! n Awesomeness! 20 21. Twitalyzer + Google Analytics! 22. Start to Explore Your Influencers! 22 23. Firefox plug-in for 23 24. Accessing and visualizing via our API 24 25. Jeff Katz Twitalyze yourself at @katzpdx and @twitalyzer