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Comprehension process that makes use of visualization, drawing, and talking in order to make meaning of a poem by William Butler Yeats.


  • 1.Visualizing MeaningPoem: The Song of Wandering Aengus W.B. Yeats Mary Ann Reilly

2. Task1. Fold your white art paper into six boxes and then select a pencil.2. I will be reading aloud the W.B. Yeats poem, The Song of Wandering Aengus (1899).3. I have divided the poem into six sections. As I read each section, you will sketch the mental picture you see based on each section of the poem as it is read.4. By the conclusion of the poem, you will have made six sketches. 3. 1I WENT out to the hazel wood,Because a fire was in my head,And cut and peeled a hazel wand,And hooked a berry to a thread; 4. 2And when white moths were on the wing,And moth-like stars were flickering out,I dropped the berry in a streamAnd caught a little silver trout. 5. 3When I had laid it on the floorI went to blow the fire aflame,But something rustled on the floor,And some one called me by my name: 6. 4It had become a glimmering girlWith apple blossom in her hairWho called me by my name and ranAnd faded through the brightening air. 7. 5Though I am old with wanderingThrough hollow lands and hilly lands,I will find out where she has gone,And kiss her lips and take her hands; 8. 6And walk among long dappled grass,And pluck till time and times are doneThe silver apples of the moon,The golden apples of the sun 9. Task 2 Reread the poem and discuss it with yourpartner. Show your drawings to one another. Examine your six drawings and create a finalillustration on the new sheet of paper youhave been given that combines all or some ofthe stanza-by-stanza pictures into an imagethat best represents the meaning of thewhole poem. You may use pencil and/orcolor to render this final drawing. Post your final image. 10. Task 31. With a partner, take a gallery walk of the posted images.2. Discuss what the final drawings suggest about the poem. What images are common across the gallery?3. In 5 minutes, be ready to discuss your ideas with the group.