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  • Vision For NOAAVice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr. (Ret.)Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere November 6, 2002

  • NOAA VisionTo move NOAA into the 21st Century scientifically and operationally, in the same interrelated manner as the environment that we observe and forecast, while recognizing the link between our global economy and our planets ecology.

  • NOAA Vision SummaryMission for the FutureOrganization Aligned with the MissionStrategic Management Process Requirements and Budgets that serve the MissionSatisfied CustomersLeadership


  • Vision For The FutureCorporate and Integrated NOAANMFSNOSNWSOARNESDISOMAOOFAMany people with one voice will always speak louder than many people with many voices Anonymous

  • From Concept To DesignA short, readable plan Connected top-to-bottom and bottom-to-topServes the annual budgeting processLiving DocumentStrategic Planning

  • From Concept To DesignOrganizational Structure

  • From Concept To DesignOrganizational Structure

  • From Concept To DesignOrganizational Structure

  • From Concept To DesignHabitatCoralsClimateOcean ExplorationHomeland SecurityMatrix Management

  • From Concept To DesignExplain what we need, measure what we do, show the payoff for the nationC/S/P Already Working at NOAA.NWSNew funding will speed up radar upgrades by two yearsNOS$10 M annual investment in electronic charting will yield $2.1 B in benefits and reduce shipping accidentsCost/Schedule/Performance

  • From Concept To DesignCost/Schedule/PerformanceNPOESS ExamplePerformance Measures Identified

    Performance MeasurePOES / NPOESS ContributionMinimalModerateSignificantWinter Storm Warnings: AccuracyWinter Storm Warnings: Lead TimeHurricane Forecast: 48hr Track Error/AccuracyMarine ForecastsPrecipitation Forecasts

  • From Concept To DesignCost/Schedule/PerformanceNPOESS ExampleNPOESS Schedule with Milestones

  • From Concept To DesignGCost/Schedule VariancesKey Issues/RisksSchedule ( Based on GIID ECP)Program Performance(MS I APB)Cost/Schedule/PerformanceNPOESS ExampleGR

  • From Concept To DesignCost/Schedule/PerformanceNPOESS ExampleNPOESS Cost & Benefits to the Nation ($ in Millions)

    FY 95FY 96FY 97FY 98FY 99FY 00Pre-ConvergenceDOC NOAA OPQR49.0116.0126.0120.0120.0189.0DOD USAF DMSP BK624.053.070.0148.0163.342.0Total73.0169.196.0268.0283.0531.0NPOESSDOC NOAA Contribution16.010.529.034.064.795.6DOD USAF Contribution7.618.929.034.064.795.6Total NPOESS23.629.458.068.0129.4191.2Total Savings49.4139.6138.0200.0153.6339.8Cumulative Savings49.4189.0327.0527.680.6

  • Vision For The FutureNOAAs Challenge:Nearly 70% of the people in this room are eligible to retireIn 2005, 32% of NOAAs Workforce will be eligible for retirement.Succession Planning (Plugging the Brain Drain)

  • From Concept To DesignThere is a great urgency to ensure that NOAA has the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs, at the right time.

    Succession Planning

  • From Concept To DesignLeaders have a responsibility to teach the next generation of leadersE-Learning @NOAAMentoringLCDP (Leadership Competencies Development Program)NOAAs Corporate Training Council (NCTC)Rotational AssignmentsDedicate at least 1.5% of Salary and Benefits to trainingSuccession Planning

  • Vision For The FutureCustomer and Constituent Satisfaction

  • Vision For The FutureProduct orientationProducts valuable to publicProducts that our constituents need and want

    Marketing (Public Information & Outreach)Public EducationLinking NOAAs work to constituents everyday livesCustomer and Constituent Satisfaction

  • Vision For The FutureImproved Grants process900 Million Reasons to Love NOAA1,500 Organizations to Leverage Resources for NOAAs MissionBetter Customer Service

  • From Concept To DesignWe are fixing the grants processAdhering to established time linesGrants On-LineOutreach PlansConsumer feedback surveysPartnerships to complete surveysNew ideas are needed!Customer Service

  • NOAA Vision SummaryProgram Review Implementation69 Action Items52 Draft Recommendations Submitted for Review

  • NOAA Vision SummaryIntegrated Organizational StructureMatrix ManagementPlanning Programming Budget System (PPBS)Cost/Schedule/PerformanceCustomer feedback and outreachSuccession PlanningMission for the FutureOrganization Aligned with the MissionStrategic Management Process Requirements and Budgets that serve the MissionSatisfied CustomersLeadership


  • In ConclusionWhat lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.Ralph Waldo Emerson

    WelcomeI will describe the vision and the steps/tools we are going to take to get us there.This vision for NOAA is not my Vision it is your vision a shared vision and something that we can all work together onTo do this we will:Align our organizational structure with NOAAs proper missionConnect our strategic planning to the missionFormulate our budgets to meet our missionMeet constituents expectationsA Corporate and Integrated NOAA without the stove pipesThe largest gains for NOAA as an organization can be made through eliminating the stove piped structure that exists today. For good reasons, NOAA was created with a stove pipe structure, with line offices reflecting specific needs - but The stove pipe structure alone is no longer sufficient to keep NOAA on the cutting edge of environmental science. In fact, it will hold us back.SESers performance will be evaluated on how they are building an integrated NOAA, 40 % of the review/score will be focused on this component.Everyone at NOAA needs to begin to think about corporate NOAAStrategic planning is another tool to help build on NOAA successes.I want to just in brief detail describe the model of strategic planning that I am seeking to develop - to have strategic planning represent corporate NOAA.

    Strategic planning needs to promote collaboration among NOAA offices and set the agencys priorities for long term and annual planning.

    A good strategic planning process allows us to formulate program needs and requirements from which program planning and budgeting can follow. Our strategic plan will be revised annually and will serve the programming and budgeting process. It will formalize a process for anticipating future trends on a regular basis.

    The changes being proposed for NOAA are revolutionary in concept, but evolutionary in implementation.

    The new organizational structure I am looking at is designed to capitalize on the resources we have in all the line offices and to build links to the different line offices through program managers. The program managers would bring together the themes, such as habitat and corals or ocean observations, that cut across lines.

    Also new is NOAAs Office of Education and Sustainable Development. The current Office of Sustainable Development will be recreated and augmented to include an education component.

    Explain Program Analysis and Evaluation, Decision Coordination Office, the NEP and the NEC

    A new Assistant Administrator position for Program Planning and Integration.

    This person would be charged with taking the steps needed to create an enhanced corporate NOAA. The program managers and the new line office dedicated to Program Planning and Integration lay the foundation for matrix management interagency coordination.

    Matrix Management describe and explain

    First themes for matrix management at NOAA

    The simplest explanation for why we need C/S/P is that we need to operate in a manner that allows us to measure what we do and our success, and to be able to explain what the payoff is for our nation. This is the tool to get our constituents to understand how we provide them the services they want and need. I am pleased that cost/scheduling/performance is already working at NOAA. At the National Weather Service, cost/schedule/performance indicators demonstrate how additional funding in FY 2004 will accelerate weather radar upgrades by two years.The NOS Coast Survey, for example, invested an initial $3.35 million in 200 electronic navigational charts. Based on performance, we can now project that investing $10 million annually to build and maintain a complete suite of 1000 will yield economic benefits of $2.1 billion and a significant reduction in the 3,500 annual commercial shipping accidents.

    Quick overview and example of NPOESS process

    Quick overview and example of NPOESS process

    Quick overview and example of NPOESS process

    The NPOESS example is an excellent model for managing a program..

    NPOESS is able to show the benefits of the program to the nation

    To make sound management decisions, and defend proposed budget increases, cost/scheduling/performance needs to work all across NOAA. The cost/schedule/performance approach makes good sense. If youre not yet doing it, its time to start. Look at how the value of your efforts fits into NOAAs big picture.

    We have to consider whether NOAAs day-to-day work is as cost-effective and efficient as possible, whether success is being measured in a sound way, and how cross-LO efforts can best be leveraged.

    NOAA employees are the agencys greatest asset, the vision for NOAA must include steps to address human resources and the drain in human capital.

    The next generation of leaders at NOAA, those currently in GS-13 and higher position, is also being lost to retirement. Thirty-nine (39%) of NOAA workforce above the GS-13 level will be eligible to retire in three years.

    3,953 of NOAAs 12,503 workforce