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    LobbyAttendant™ VirtualFrontDesk™Lobby Attendant

    Virtual Front Desk

    The Complete Turn-Key Solution!

    A welcoming experience for your guests

    Provide wayfinding, visitor check-in, VOIP calling, weather, events, local services and much more!

    Hotel Reception Corporate Locations

    Campus Directories

    Expositions and Events

    Wall Mount Kiosks

    Free Standing Kiosks

  • Visitor Management Software

    Application Buttons Choose additional features. Link to any of our standard applications or customize with your own icons and links.

    Main Screen Image Use one of our generic images or

    personalize with any image you choose.

    RSS Feeds Connect your interface to RSS Feeds, from news to

    sports, it can be displayed here. Customers can press the Feed icon for more information.

    Language Users can choose either English or Spanish. Other language options are available for an additional cost.

    Welcome Statement

    Time and Date Is set by your computer clock.

    Help with kiosk

    Weather Is set from your zip code.

    Maps Find a Person Connect with them over VOIP

    Find a Department or Business

    Company Logo Add your company’s logo.

    Enhance your front desk services with the LobbyAttendant™ solution – the wayfinding and building directory kiosk program from Advanced Kiosks. Your visitors will enjoy the ease of a self-service reception with user friendly software. Our smart technology allows visitors to find their way, search for businesses, departments and employees, call occupants and other selected services.

    Download your own image to your touch screen kiosk to create a distinctive look to greet your visitors. Everything on the LobbyAttendant™ main screen is configurable through a setup program. You can add businesses and people so they can be searched, add maps and routes to help get your visitors where they want to go. Have more questions? Take a look at our LobbyAttendant™ page and watch the movies to see how easy this is to setup.

    Handicapped button Will help make your facility

    ADA friendly.

    Kiosk Hardware

    Choose from a wide variety of our interactive kiosk models designed to engage and delight your visitors.

    Choose options and features for an enhanced user experience including

    VOIP, languages, news and more!

    (Shown left) The Pedestal Kiosk


    LobbyAttendant™ VirtualFrontDesk™Lobby Attendant

    Virtual Front Desk

    The Complete Turn-Key Solution!


    Choose From Multiple Screen Layout Templates!

  • Info That is Always Up To Date

    LobbyAttendant™ allows you to move far beyond static signage and posters. This system provides interactive and informative content that updates dynamically!

    Customize your solution and choose the kiosk model that best suits your environment. Choose from pedestal, free standing or wall mount kiosk models.

    A welcoming experience for your guests

    (Shown above) The Lobby Elite Kiosk


    LobbyAttendant™ VirtualFrontDesk™Lobby Attendant

    Virtual Front Desk


    You Control The Content

    Lobby Attendant is a great solution for on campus corporate displays, expositions, training and presentations as well.

    Customize the interface to include any combination of accessible features including live feeds of news, weather, local events, VOIP phone support.

    Apply your company logos, theme, color and branding and make updates at any time remotely from your desktop computer.


    Fill in Names


    Main Screen

    Features Usage Manager

    Set Password, Restart Time,Language...

    Update LobbyAttendant™ Remotely

    Import DataThe setup of the LobbyAttendant™ is easy with the back-end administration tool. The structure is broken up into sections to make updates less time consuming.

    Employees / People can be easily added to the LobbyAttendant™

    database so your visitors can search for them.

    Customize what Kiosk users see.

    Upload maps and edit with route


    Add a person’s picture.

    LobbyAttendant™ is the only software

    designed specifically to help your visitors

    find their way, locate their party and

    provide all of the assistance they need in

    an intuitive and easy to use solution.

    Best of all, you don’t have to be technically

    saavy to set it up! Just click, fill in the

    blanks and you will be up and running in no

    time. Use our built in Remote Update kiosk

    software to make updates or changes right

    from your desk or smartphone!

    Interested? Want to learn more?

    GO to the LobbyAttendant™ page on our web site and watch the VIDEO that

    demonstrates just how easy it is to use!

    Easy for You and Your Vistors


    Advanced Kiosks 20 Canal Street, Franklin NH, 03235 [email protected] (603) 865-1000

    LobbyAttendant™ VirtualFrontDesk™Lobby Attendant

    Virtual Front Desk