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Download Virtual Bookstore and Marketplace Innovative eLearning Partner for Schools Cost-Saving Resource for Students August 15, 2013

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  • Virtual Bookstore and Marketplace Innovative eLearning Partner for Schools Cost-Saving Resource for Students August 15, 2013
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  • In the past 10 years, textbook prices have increased by a total of 82% over this time period, while overall consumer prices grew by 28%. 2 Textbook Prices Changes Directly Impact Learning 2 The National Association of College Stores (NACS) reports the average college student will spend $662 on required course materials in the past 12 months. 2008 the Higher Ed Opportunity Act was signed as Federal Law.
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  • 1 in 3 students dont purchase required texts proven to directly affect retention. Students often show up to class without the required materials, unprepared. Students are shopping elsewhere (Amazon, eBay, etc.) and often purchasing the wrong book/edition, or even international editions & desk copies. Students are unable to use their school-sanctioned financial aid to purchase competitively. To compensate for lost sales, publishers are producing new editions more frequently, with more custom editions and bundles which cant be easily sourced elsewhere. Faculty have difficulty locating high quality, cost-effective materials 3 What Does this Mean to You as Instructors? 2 How can Akademos help?
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  • Starting this January, Davenport University & Akademos will launch a new virtual bookstore & marketplace designed to automatically display course materials through a single sign-on, offering a wider variety of purchasing options (including 3 rd party marketplace options) at the point of registration. 4 Winter 2014 A New Partnership with Akademos A Positive Change for Davenport 2
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  • OUR MULTI-POINT SUPPLY CHAIN PROVIDES DAVENPORT WITH A TIMELY, ACCURATE AND LOW COST SOLUTION: 5 What does this mean for DU students? More Choices, Wider Availability, Lower Cost. 2 Direct Inventory 2 Warehouses 3 rd Party Marketplace Sellers Over 100 million books Averaging 60% off list price For the first time, students can apply Financial Aid even in the marketplace eBook Providers Akademos eReader Publisher Drop Shipments 24 hour shipment window Rental Partners 85% availability
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  • List/New Price Fall 2013 Akademos Marketplace Price - Used $108.67BUSN 120: Business an Intro.$14.85 $175.20CHEM 150: Basic Chemistry$24.74 $247.95ECON 200: Microeconomics$24.51 $204ECON 201: Macroeconomics$87.99 $186GEOL 120: Astronomy$23.77 $232.96BIOL 110: Biology: Concepts$71.43 $228.33BIOL: 211: Microbiology$71.50 $246.95MATH 135: College Algebra$107.81 $234.67MATH 250: Discrete Math$39.11 $250.95MGMT 725: Leadership$24.77 $181.67PHYS 100: Conceptual Physics$81.21 TOTAL $2297.35$571.69 Actual Prices Lowest purchase price per title was selected on Aug 12, 2013 Price and quantities subject to availability Students Save Over $1,725 off list price, and can still use financial aid, even in the marketplace!! Specially Prepared for: They are a technology company that joined the virtual bookstore business, as opposed to a textbook wholesaler that added the technology. - Gerry Halpern, Touro College
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  • Lets take a Closer Look at the Student View From the Students Perspective DU student site 9
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  • 8 eReader Nook, Kindle, iPads/Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops Formatted for tablets, laptops & desktops (HTML5) Print copies easily obtainable Highlighting, note taking, annotation, book marks etc. Editing functions for faculty
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  • 9 CUSTOM COURSEPACKS Lowers Student Cost, Offers More Faculty Choice Purchased individually Purchased as a Custom CoursePack $332 $105 Students save 68% Actual example from Metropolitan College of New York (2011)
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  • CUSTOM COURSEPACKS Easy for Faculty to Create with Online Tools Design your own cover, pick your binding & specify number of desk copies. Select content, specify page numbers and/or attach your own notes/handouts. We clear all copyrighted materials. 10
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  • Easily search & compare textbooks by subject across all publishers Compare used & marketplace availability, as well as eBook & OER options View Adoption Lists from other schools, as well as unbiased reviews from faculty Sort by affordability, publication date or license 11 ADOPTION TOOL Facilitating Textbook Discovery and Adoption TEXTBOOKADOPTER
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  • 14 Where Should We Send Students With Questions? Click on help
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  • ADD BANNER/LINK TO DAVENPORT.EDU WEBSITE Akademos will work with DU to post a customized banner/link up on homepage Akademos will provide single-sign on through Banner SIS DISTRIBUTE MARKETING MATERIALS TO STUDENTS We provide DU with Emails, Flyers, Post Cards, Posters, Table Tents, FAQs etc. to distribute SEND CUSTOMIZED EMAIL CAMPAIGNS Send customized student email campaigns HIRE STUDENT INTERN(S) We will hire a student to assist us in marketing on campus CONDUCT FACULTY OUTREACH Ask Faculty to add Bookstore link to their syllabus, LMS, and all communication to students Inform faculty via on site in-services and/or webinars of additional services Akademos offers: CoursePacks, Adoption Tool, etc. 13 Overview of Marketing Initiatives 2
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