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What could be the after effects of working as an IT Professional overtime and overnight ???

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DivorcesAddition to Drugs Suicides

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Theories of Value

The Spanish Theory, for one, held that only a fix of Value existed on earth, and therefore the path to the accumulation of wealth was to learn to extract it more efficiently from the soil or from people's backs.

The English Theory that the Value could be created through ingenuity and technology.

The Indians Theory that moved huge quantities of gold across the ocean and all they got for their effort was enormous inflation.

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“ Working Smarter ” and “Working Hard” stands for “ Employee should WORK HARDER and LONGER at the expense of their lives

You may please your manager by working HARD but your home is telling a different story

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“But you know when the truth is told, that you can get what you want or you can just get old. You’re going to kick off before you even halfway through. When you realize … Vienna waits for you ?

___”The stranger,” Billy Joel

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There are No such Thing as Overtime Undertime cancel out Overtime

Overtime , working on Saturdays is not much beneficial

Unpaid overtime is invisible in Manager list as Undertime is invisible in employee timesheet

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WorkaholicsWorkaholics are those who will

put in uncompensated overtime and work extravagant hours under pressure and other hand they are actually spoiling their personal lives

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Slow down, you’re doing fine, you can’t be everything you want to be before your time. Although it’s so romantic on the borderline tonight. But when you realize… Vienna waits for you ?

Reaction to above saying Workaholic seek revenge and just Quit without saying anything

Workholism is an illness ; if you exploit them to the hilt you will lose them

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Productivity : Wining battles and Losing Wars

Organization tactics to improve Productivity :

- Pressurize people to put in more hours - Mechanize the process of product

development - Compromise the quality of product - Standardize procedures

Excessive use of any of these measure can make work less enjoyable and less satisfying and increase Turnover

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Organizations don’t keep statistics on turnover and non can tell you what replacement of an experienced worker costs.

Turnover is not nonexistent or cost free

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Reprise “During the past year, I did some consulting for

a project that was proceeding so smoothly that the project manager knew she would deliver the product on schedule. She was summoned in front of the management committee and asked for a progress report. She said she could guarantee that her product would be ready by the deadline of March 1, exactly on time according to the original estimate. The upper managers chewed over that piece of unexpected good news and then called her in again the next day. Since she was on time for March 1, they explained, they deadline had been moved up to January 15. “

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Manager prefers to hopelessly impossible schedule to extract more labor from workers

People under time pressure don’t work better; they just work faster and sacrifice product quality and their own job satisfaction.

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