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A very nice interval presentation.


  • 1. Nat alie andMar ia s I nt er valsMinor 2nd to Perfect 8th (Octave)

2. Chromatic Scale v=5M2FWN_d1bM#t=16s 3. Joy to the World 4. Major scale v=jG89pIDq6tg#t=41s 5. Mary Had a Little Lamb MtHpRhVk#t=11s 6. Georgia On My Mind v=BlLUMwo_VVU#t=136s 7. Hey Jude (Beatles) 8. Oh, when the Saints 9. Swing Low Sweet Chariot 10. Here comes the Bride 11. Ive Been Working onthe Railroad 12. Star Wars 13. What do you do with aDrunken Sailor 14. We Are Young (Fun) 15. Love story theme 16. Hush Little Baby 17. Nobody Knows theTrouble Ive Seen 18. Somewhere (West sidestory) 19. Watermelon Man 20. Take on Me (A-Ha) 21. I Love You (ColePorter) 22. Somewhere over theRainbow (Wizard of Oz) 23. Willow Weep for Me