Vero - The Journey So Far (July 2014)

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Chris Hexton (CEO and Co-Founder of Vero) shares the gritty and true story of how Vero began. From working on, an online invoicing solution, to iterating and learning quickly what works and does not work, Vero was born. Learn how to: - Implement 'lean startup' - Be cold and efficient in making decisions - Tough it out! - Get your first paying customers in SaaS


<ul><li> 1. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero TO PIVOT OR NOT TO PIVOT? Chris Hexton - Vero 24 July, 2014 </li></ul> <p> 2. Co-founder Vero, behavioural email marketing software.! Started two years ago, predominantly bootstrapped so far.! Background in accounting, self-taught developer.! Protable. CHRIS HEXTON @chexton 3. Jan - May 2012 TRIAL AND ERROR (LOTS) 1 4. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero Trial and error 5. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero Build it and they will come Trial and error Lesson number one: Dont spend more time building than getting customers. 6. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero Build something elseand then theyll come Trial and error Lesson number two: Its revenue that counts. More trac is not validation. Nor does it mean more paying customers. 7. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero No one actually cared Trial and error Lesson number three: Where are your customers coming from? 8. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero Trial and error 9. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero Hopeless? What we asked ourselves Trial and error Why did we start Why this idea? Do we like the new direction? Are we proud? Does this feel like it will provide us with what we need to meet our personal goals? 10. June 2012 VERO IS BORN 2 11. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero Vero is born EMAILS CALLS USERS 20 8 2 Signups: 0 MRR: $0 JUNE 2012 12. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero Some text Vero is born Signups: 5 MRR: $0 JUNE 2012 13. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero Some text Vero is born 14. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero Vero is born NOW WHAT? 15. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero Vero is born Signups: 400 MRR: $0 JULY 2012 16. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero Vero is born AUG 12 $ Signups: 500 MRR: $350 AUGUST 2012 17. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero Vero is born Signups: 800 MRR: $800 NOVEMBER 2012 18. Guidelines for success MY TOP 3 RULES 3 19. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero Know your situation My top 3 rules Can your founding team cover all the bases? Do you have kids? What is your experience? What do you WANT to achieve for yourself? 20. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero Be at the core of your customers businesses My top 3 rules People will pay you if they need your software to manage a core business task. Stripe businesses need to charge their customers. Github software companies need to manage code changes. Basecamp companies need to manage teams. Vero people need some way to manage emails. 21. @veroapp | @chexton | www.getvero.comVero Charge people money Test goes here It will solve every single problem you can possibly have. Cant pay for servers? Cant raise money? Cant feed yourself? Cant get people excited about your idea? 22. ? ANY QUESTIONS? PS We are hiring Email me at if you think Vero sounds awesome. </p>