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How did we integrated the user experience design process into the development cycles at NICE Systems - challenges and solutions.


  • 1. Integrating UX into an Enterprise Organization

2. Ran Liron UX Lead, NICE Enterprise And also UX mentor at Googles Launchpad Lecturer at Shenkar 3. The Challenge 4. Agile 1 5. Continuous Detailed Design Sprint 1 Start Sprint 2 Start Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 1 6. Building upon a Clear Roadmap Sprint 1 Start Sprint 2 Start s 1 Planning for Sprint 2 Detailed UX for Sprint 2 Detailed PM Requirements for Sprint 2 High Level PM Requirements for Sprint 2 Sprint 2 UX Success Criteria Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 1 High Level PM Requirements for Sprint 3 7. Sprit 0 is essential! Sprint 0 Start 3-9 Weeks Defining the vision: User definition, research, main use cases, product roadmap, and success criteria 8. Alignment (A.K.A. the same same but different problem) 2 9. There is more than one (correct) way to skin a cat Different application, same issues Tables, popups, pagination, date range picker, etc. The problem: We kept reinventing the wheel We should use unified, consistent, and well thought-through methods 10. How: A collection of UX design patterns 11. Title & a short description When to use When not to use Usage guidelines Alternative controls And also Visual design (Style guide, graphic assets) Development references The design pattern structure 12. What: Design pattern structure 13. What: Design pattern structure 14. What: Design pattern structure 15. > What: Design pattern structure 16. 2nd iteration: grouping the patterns into categories 17. 2nd iteration: grouping the patterns into categories 18. Local feedback (i.e. @Israel) from PMs & R&D Remote groups had some issues with the guidelines implementation Feedback it is saving development time... (ensuring) very high quality of our products A reference implementation of all of these widgets in action would be far more useful " 19. 3rd iteration: Live Gallery 20. Usability Testing 3 21. Validate our solutions Ensure that we are providing an effective, efficient and pleasant user experience. The Need 22. Test early and test often Preferred timing: Before development Effective timing: Anytime Tip #1 23. Nothing is more convincing than ones own observations, therefore UXers: Invite PMs & R&D to front-row seats at the tests PMs & R&D: Make the time to participate! Tip #2 24. Understand Your Users 4 25. Meet the Users (A.K.A. Contextual Inquiries) 26. Feedback from Our Product Directors This is extremely important observation... we can learn from it and use it as a baseline for improvement This is very good and important I will share the PPT with my team 27. UX-it Day 5 28. All Aboard the UX Train! A single day dedicated to working together with R&D on UX improvements, gaps & bugs UX-it Day 29. Setting Goals 30. Picking Tasks (Literally) 31. Working Together! 32. Improved UI implementation Focus on user experience and winning together FUN! UX-it Day: Added Value 33. Bottom Line 34. Sprint 0 UX pattern & guidelines Usability testing & user observations (whenever possible) And the bottommost bottom line Methods for Effective UX 35. Generating a great user experience in large organizations requires that everyone Product, R&D and QA take an active part in the user experience design. Bottommost Bottom Line 36. Ran.Liron@NICE.com Comments & questions are welcomed!