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Using Underlining and Quotation Marks. Underline anything that should be in italics. Underline titles of l o n g publications and written or musical works. L o n g works include the following: books periodicals newspapers long poems (book length) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Using Underlining and Quotation Marks

  • Underline anything that should be in italics.

    Underline titles of l o n g publications and written or musical works.

  • L o n g works include the following:

    books periodicals newspapers

    long poems (book length)

    movies full-length plays TV series

    CDs radio series ballets operas symphonies

  • Examples:

    Steinbecks novel The Pearl

    the latest issue of Sports Illustrated

    the play Othello

    The Wall Street Journal (capitalize and underline the word the ONLY when is actually part of the title )

  • Underline foreign words that are not generally used in English.

    What does amor vincit omnia mean?(love conquers all things)

  • Underline letters, numbers, and words when they are used to represent themselves.

    Dont forget to cross your ts and dot your is.

  • Underline titles of paintings and sculptures.

    the Mona Lisa

  • Underline the names of airplanes, ships, trains, and spacecraft.

    the Challenger the Orient Express

  • Now you practice: practice 1: pg. 294 Extra practice: workbook pp. 295-296

  • Pg. 294

    Robin Hood and His Mother on Their Way to Nottingham Fair.

    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer ?

    Animal Farm and 1984

    The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

    North American Review

  • The Stranger

    Sixty Minutes

    Lawrence of Arabia The Third Man


    Julius Caesar

  • Ceremony

    Laguna Woman: PoemsStoryteller

    Almanac of the Dead


    The Storytellers Voice

  • Use quotation marks for the smaller parts of a long work.

    chapters in a book

    In your textbook Earth Science, read the chapter Atoms to Minerals for homework.

  • Use quotation marks for the smaller parts of a long work.

    articles in a magazine

    Did you read the article The Art of Winning in U.S. News and World Report?

  • Use quotation marks for the smaller parts of a long work.

    short stories

    I would like to read the story The Lottery in class today.

  • Use quotation marks for the smaller parts of a long work.

    one-act plays

    Many critics believe that Tennessee Williams one act play Summer at the Lake was an early snapshot of his famous full-length play The Glass Menagerie.

  • Use quotation marks for the smaller parts of a long work.

    short poems

    I read Tennysons poem The Charge of the Light Brigade in the anthology Best Loved American Poems.

  • Use quotation marks for the smaller parts of a long work.


    Does anybody have the sheet music to the song America the Beautiful?

  • Use quotation marks for the smaller parts of a long work.

    episodes from a TV series

    One of my favorite episodes of The Cosby Show is Vanessas Rich.

  • Use quotation marks for the smaller parts of a long work.

    essays and compositions

    Most students know that Edgar Allan Poe wrote poems and short stories, but many do not realize that he also wrote a famous essay entitled The Philosophy of Composition.

  • Now you practice: handout: workbook pp. 300

  • Pg. 300

    Hooray for Hollywood

    How I Spent My Summer Vacation

    Ex-Basketball Player.

    Cooking with Bananas ?

    Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

  • 6. Koala Bears and Other Hazards, Life Down Under.

    7. Auld Lang Syne.

    8. School in Space?

    9. Home, Abroad, and Return.

    10. Heart! We will forget him!

  • Edgar Allan Poe and Greenland High School.

    The Pit and the Pendulum,

    The Pencil and the Ticking Clock.

    Gym, The Masque of the Red Death.

    The Lock on My Locker Is Broken The Gold Bug.

    The Fall of Greenland Greenhouse, The Fall of the House of Usher.

  • Mixed Practice:

    1. This book of Aesops fables contains such stories as The Wolf in Sheeps Clothing and The Crow and the Pitcher.

    2. The most interesting chapter was the one entitled Battles Fought in Foreign Lands.

    3. Auf Wiedersehen and arrivederci are foreign phrases that mean good- bye.

  • 4. Edgar Lee Masters became famous for his book of poems called Spoon River Anthology.

    5. The article entitled Low Fares to Europe attracted my attention.

    6. We had to read the novel Watership Down for a book report last month.

  • 7. I saw an article in Readers Digest entitled I Am Joes Foot.

    8. The choir will sing We Are the World for its grand finale.

    9. We will read the play Romeo and Juliet in the spring.

  • 10. Whitney Houston remade Dolly Partons hit song I Will Always Love You.

    11. Tomorrows history assignment is reading Chapter 9, The Middle Ages in England.

    Two of her favorite old-time movies are Foreign Correspondent and The Maltese Falcon.

  • 13. In Silent Snow, Secret Snow, a short story by Conrad Aiken, a boy thinks he hears snow falling, but there is none.

    14. According to my friend Arthur, Joseph and His Brothers, a novel by Thomas Mann, is based on Biblical legend.

    15. My favorite aunt subscribes to The Wall Street Journal, a newspaper devoted to business and financial news.

  • Quotation Marks for Direct Quotes

  • Use quotation marks to enclose (surround) a direct quotation.

    Note 1:

    Use a comma to set off the introductory remarks or speaker tag.

    The comma and period always goes in front of the quotation marks. (But semicolons and colons go after the quotation marks.)

  • Quotation marks always come in pairs.

  • The Mexican American poet Marina de Bellagente wrote, You cannot put a fence around the planet earth.

    I celebrate myself, and sing myself, wrote Walt Whitman.

    I never think of the future, wrote Albert Einstein, since it comes soon enough.

  • Tom quoted a Cameroonian proverb, By trying often, the monkey learns to jump from the tree; it reminded me of another saying about trying over and over until you succeed.

  • NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE (for question marks and exclamation marks):

    What time is the game tomorrow? Maria asked.

    Why did you shout, It doesnt matter?

  • Practice: workbook pg. 297298

    1. I am the king of the world ! shouted the child.2. Lets visit the childrens museum, suggested Marcela, and well be able to see the new robots theyve added .

    3. Jerome said , I think I may have solved the mystery ; we waited for him to continue .

  • 4. Dont most children know the song that begins , Mary had a little lamb ?

    5. Is anyone in here ? asked the visitor . Would someone please answer ?

    6. If you could buy a mountain , asked Andre , which mountain would you buy ?

  • Note 2:

    When a persons exact words are used, even when it isnt a complete sentence, the words are put in quotation marks.

  • In other words, use quotation marks to enclose slang words, technical terms, and unusual uses of words.

    Examples:Tom thinks the movie is for the birds.

    Allen Ginsberg was a prominent poet of the beat generation.

    A Lefty is simply a left-handed person.

  • Do not use quotation marks in an indirect quotation.

    Direct: The teacher said, You need to study for your test.

    Indirect: The teacher said that we need to study for our test.

  • Practice with direct and indirect quotes (SATP workbook, pg. 363) :1. Lillian asked, Did Wes really paint the lines?2. Chey said that he would fly the airplane.3. She replied, Im not ready yet. 4. He asked if he could borrow a hammer.

  • 5. Im stuffing the pillow now, I said.6. Were you, Dad asked, going to the dance? 7. Its burning! exclaimed Sue. 8. Go into the garage, Father answered.

  • 9. Who said, This is my favorite flower? 10. The play is about to begin, the usher said. Please take your seat.

  • Use single quotation marks around a quotation within a quotation.

    My instructor smiled and replied, It was Caesar who said, Cowards die many times before their deaths.

    Tip: Think of this as a quote inside a box. The Monkeys PawTom said, I enjoyed reading The Monkeys Paw.

  • Now you practice :workbook pg. 301(sentences on next slide)

    More practice: handout section (slide sentences after pg. 301)

  • Pg. 301practice hereIm not sure she said who first said Remember the Alamo!

    Marion said Then he said Stay away from that tree.

    I read in the newspaper Todd said that many teens enjoy mountain biking.

    Wasnt it Sandra she asked who said Ill remember to pick up the dessert.

    Akela said My favorite poem to read aloud is The Hollow Men.

  • Pg. 301

    Im not sure, she said, who first said Remember the Alamo!

    Marion said, Then he said, Stay away from that tree.

    I read in the newspaper, Todd said, that many teens enjoy mountain biking.

    Wasnt it Sandra, she asked, who said, Ill remember to pick up the dessert?

    5. Akela said, My favorite poem to read aloud is The Hollow Men.

  • 6. I heard Martha say that she wanted to go home before the game was over.

    7. Everything had its wonders , even darkness and silence, wrote Helen Keller , who was blind and deaf from a young age .

  • 8. Sam said, I want to go see the movie Twilight tomorrow night.

    9. My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias, said Sue.

    10. Tom said, I wrote my essay about the symbolism in Poes story The Masque of the Red Death.

  • 11. This test, Tom said, is not very easy.

    12. I wondered where you put your book. correct

    13. I will sing Tomorrow for my talent in the pageant, said Maria.

  • Practice 2 (from SATP pg. 364)

  • From the handout--

    My friend asked, How did you persuade your mother to let you go to the game ?

    2. Gwendolyn Brooks has said, Poetry is life distilled.

    3. Hari said that life of a teenager can be incredibly hard.

  • 4. Ann wondered if she would be elected class president.

    5. I never read The Raven, he said.

    6. Reggie asked, Did you read the article Saving Our Planet ?

    7. Cora said, The Gold Bug is my favorite Poe story .

  • 8. His exact words were not in this lifetime, I answered .

    9. Do you know how to play Moon River ? she asked .

    10. Silence by Edgar Lee Masters is my favorite poem , answered Naomi .

    11. She said,I heard only Call me tomorrow.

  • 12. I read them the story named Charles .

    13. Emmett replied, I cant sing Silent Night .

    14. Dolores told me that she wrote Silver Tears in thirty minutes .

    15. The words repeated so many times in the speech were never again, he said .

  • Mixed practice: SATP, pg. 364

  • No one knows who first used the expression G.I Joe, Dr. Shaw said.

    According to Mrs. Simmons, Jim mentioned, Everything comes to an end eventually.

  • The coach yelled, Who said Time out?

    Irving Berlin wrote the song God Bless America, Suki informed the class.

    It was Timothy, Dan explained, who came up with our teams slogan We shall meet our obstacles with confidence.


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