Using ICT to improve learning in the classroom

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Using ICT to improve learning in the clasroomAndrew FieldHead of ICT, Neale-Wade Community CollegeUsing ICT to improve learning in the classroom1. What is effective ICT?2. Explore 20 practical ideas3. ConclusionsIntroduction1. What is effective ICT?2. Explore 20 practical ideas3. Ignore the technologyIntroductionICT as a tool for learning not vice versaShould only be used where it will enhance learningInformed choice not to use ICT can be just as effectiveAbout the learningWhat is effective ICT?Impact?High capability?Risk?Teaching?Learning?Directed?Change?Personalised?Distributed?Active?Pace?Enhancing?Extending?Empowering?Pedagogy?Deep?Andragogy?Making use of ICT toEngage and enthuse learnersRaise achievementEnable better understandingFoster improved communicationHave a positive impact on workloadWhat is effective ICT?PassiveActivepupil engagementlearningDeep ShallowExchangeExchange OHPs for data projectors, using whiteboards as projection screensEnrichwhiteboards used interactively and with wider range of teaching resources and methodologiesEnhanceDeeper learning though the use of ICT based learning and teaching resourcesExtendSignificantly alter the way that learning and teaching takes place using ICTEmpowerPupils take control of learningUse ICT to research and manage own learningAdapted from materials byEffective?Using ICT to improve learning in the classroomHow?Opportunities beyond the standard classroomThe best activities empower students to take controlAdapt existing techniques to enhance learningRealism take opportunities to enhance learningUsing a countdown timerMultimedia backgroundsInteractive graffitiOnline student voiceDiscussion forumsUsing digital videoExtending PowerPointWireless input devicesAnnotating digital workUsing class e-mailOnline puzzlemakersNews broadcastsInteractive plenariesPodcastingVoting devicesScreencastsWikisBloggingRisk takingBubbl.usEffectiveICT?20 practical ideasCountdowntimerMultimediabackgroundsSource GraffitiStudent voiceDiscussion ForumsDigital videoExtendingPowerPointWireless inputAnnotating digital workClass e-mailOnline puzzlemakersNews broadcastInteractive plenariesPodcastingVoting devicesBubbl.usScreencastsWikisBloggingRisk-takingAssessmentEffective use of a Virtual Learning Environment Moodle. My choice because it changes the cost model.My ICT website entirely free, packed full of interactive games and activities.New technologiesMy History website even more materials see the forums too.My commercial site anyone can generate interactive starters & plenaries. Also includes free programs to download.My teaching site with tight focus on the effective use of ICT via tutorials, ideas and a forum to find answers!Plus the latest version of this presentation ConclusionThe top 10 in-demand jobs by 2010, didnt exist in 2004.Preparing students for jobs that dont yet exist, using technologies that havent been invented.Dont talk about opportunities and potential implement practical reality to add value. Ignore the technology, focus on the learning.Thank


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