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Used Cars Under $5000

Used Cars Under $5000

1997 Ford Mustang

Body style: Coupe, ConvertibleMPG: up to 20 city / 30 highwayHorsepower: 150 HP to 305 HPEngine size: 3.8L, 4.6LAvailable trims: Base, GT, Cobra

Body Style: Wagon, SedanCC - MPG: up to 21 city / 28 highwayHorsepower: 142 HP to 165 HPEngine size: 2.2L, 2.5LAvailable trims: Base, Limited2000 Subaru Outback

Body Style: ConvertibleMPG: up to 20 city / 26 highwayHorsepower: 133 HPAvailable trims: Base, STO, M-Edition1997 Mazda Miata

Body style: SedanMPG: up to 24 city / 33 highwayHorsepower: 157 HP to 192 HPEngine Size: 2.4L, 3.0LAvalable Trims: LE, SE, LE V6, XLE, SE V6, XLE V62002 Toyota Camry

MPG: up to 23 city / 28 highwayHorsepower: 160 HPEngine Size: 2.4LAvailable Trims: LX, EXBody style: SUV2002 Honda CR-V


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