u.s. history- civil rights movement

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  • 1. Goal 11: The Civil Rights MovementBy: Khyber A. Nasser and Bob E. Stone

2. McCarthyism/ The Red Scare Large fear of communists Led by Senator Joseph McCarthy Many of the people he claimed werecommunists were innocent Rather be dead than red 3. Brown v. Board of Education Overturned Plessey v. Ferguson Ruled that separate was not equal 4. Little Rock Nine A group of African Americans attempted toenroll at Little Rock Central High School, butwere prevented Eisenhower intervened and they were admitted 5. Montgomery Bus Boycott Goal was to help end segregation of buses Protested the idea that African Americansshould have to give up their seats to whites 6. Greensboro Sit-In African American students sat in atWoolworths department store, and refusedto leave until they received service Raised awareness for the Civil RightsMovement 7. Freedom Riders Civil Rights Activists who challengedsegregation of buses Worked to raise awareness 8. March on Washington One of the largest Civil Rights marches ever MLK delivered his I have a dream speech Advocated for racial harmony and equality 9. Martin Luther King Jr. Non-violent protests Biggest leader in the Civil Rights Movement 10. Malcolm X/ Black Power Movement One of the biggest advocates for AfricanAmericans Opponents argued that he supported blacksupremacy and racism against whites 11. Vietnam War Gulf of Tonkin Resolutions My Lai Student Protests/ Kent State University 12. The War Powers Act Replaced the Gulf of Tonkin Resolutions Gave President limited powers regardingmilitary 13. Cesar Chavez Most well known Latino Civil RightsActivist Used nonviolent tactics Still a major icon today 14. The Feminine Mystique/Betty Friedan Talked about how many women wereunhappy being housewives Sparked the second wave of feminism 15. The Watergate Scandal A break in occurred at the DemocraticHeadquarters at the Watergate Hotel. Some of Nixons men were involved I am not a crook 16. Sputnik/ The Space Race The launch of Sputnik caused manyAmericans to fear Soviet technology hadsurpassed our own Sparked the space race Creation of NASA