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2. Planet EarthWe live on planet Earth. Earth is a large sphere.Most of the Earth is covered by water. The rest iscovered by land. There is air all around the Earth.This air is called the atmosphere. 3. Which is the Earth? 4. Is the land brown or blue?BrownIs there a lot of water or a little water?A lot of water 5. Lets label the Earth!AirLandSea 6. REMEMBER!The Earth is a large sphere. There is water and dry land on the surface. The Earth is surrounded by air. 7. Day and NightThe Earth movesThe Sun does not move. The Earth moves. It spins like a top.It turns once every 24 hours. This is a day. Half the Earthalways gets light from the Sun. In this half it is day. Theother half does not get light. In this half, it is night. The Earthalso moves around the Sun. This takes one year. 8. Different times of the dayLight and heat are necessary for life. The Earth gets lightand heat from the Sun. Every day, the Sun rises at dawnand sets at dusk. At midday the Sun is high in the sky. Atnight, the Sun is hidden. 9. Look at the position of the Sun in each picture.dawnmiddaydusknight 10. MATCH.The Earth moves round the Sun. a dayThe Earth turns round. a year 11. True or False? The Sun moves round the Earth.FALSE! 12. REMEMBER!The Earth turns round once every 24 hours.It moves round the Sun once every year. 13. The Moon and the StarsThe MoonYou can see the Moon in the sky at night. The Moon movesround the Earth. The Moon shines because the Sunilluminates it. The Moon is smaller than the Earth. It doesnot have any water or air. 14. The Moon and the StarsThe starsYou can see lots of stars in the sky at night. They look very smallbecause they are very far away from Earth. You cannot see thestars during the day. This is because there is a lot of light from theSun. The Sun is a star. It is the nearest star to Earth. It gives theEarth light and heat.The constellation Orion.Stars form groups in the sky called constellations. 15. Complete the sentences.Cross out the incorrect word.The Moon is bigger than / smaller than the Earth.The Earth moves round the Moon / Sun.The Moon shines because it is illuminated bythe Sun / Earth.The stars look small because they are very near /far away. 16. REMEMBER!We see the Moon and the stars at night.The Moon moves round the Earth. 17. DONE BYCANDACE MIKOLA AND CHRISTOPHER ANGEL ALONSO