unique baby shower gift ideas for expectant mothers

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Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Expectant Mothers. Shower the mother-to-be with baby gifts she'll love. This is the list of unique gifts By Windshield Alert (http://windshieldalert.com/), which guarantees to help you.


  • Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Expectant Mothers
  • Baby shower is one of the most special occasions of a mother's life. To make it more special, the guests should think of something creative and unique to gift on this day. Usually a baby shower gift is nothing but the same from all the other baby shower gifts that a mom gets. So, if you are thinking out of the box this time and if youre searching for some creative and thoughtful gift ideas, look no further. Following are some of the most unique baby shower gift ideas for the expectant mothers:
  • Windshield Alert: While talking about the unique baby shower gifts, the Windshield Alert tops the list. Alert other motorists to move over using Windshield Alert Emergency banner. Windshield Alert Static-cling EMERGENCY banner is a well designed, high quality emergency accessory that can be easily applied on the inside of the windshield using glass cleaner, while planning a hospital trip. It is a practical additional baby shower gift.
  • Monthly Onesies: This is something very unique, you can opt for. It's the most wonderful way to track babys growth for the first year of their life. You can buy a set of onesies of the whole year.
  • Growth Chart: A growth chart is the way to track the growth of your baby, it also adds up to the decor of you baby's room. The best part of gifting the growth chart is, it's beautiful and it makes the mother and her baby feel happy.
  • Toy Box: Toy box is something, that helps the mother to keep the child's room tidy and organized. Here the kid can keep all the toys at one place and they will not be everywhere in the house. A toy box should be of the most unique design, which will make the child delightful.
  • A Good Health and First Aid Safety Kit: Look for healthcare sets in the market with thermometers and baby nail clippers. Along with the healthcare set, the baby safety kit is the must, containing all the first aid items.
  • Massage Certificate: There are several certified massage therapists specially trained to give pregnant women the treatment they deserve without harming the baby. These massages are beneficial to both the mother and her baby-to-be. This gift will be loved by one and all, specially by the would be mother.
  • Photo Session Gift Cards: Parents always love to keep the photos of their growing child. Gifting the photo session gift cards is the most thoughtful gift idea and most parents wont expect something so personal from anyone. As everybody wants a professional photo session for their newborn, this gift will be one of the best among all the baby shower gifts.
  • There are several great baby shower gift ideas, with many options to choose from. Above are few of the practical and unique gifts any would be parents will love to have, make their special occasion more special with your unique ideas.