understanding the science behind persuasive storytelling

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Not seeing the results you want from your content marketing? Understand the science behind the storytelling that defines your content.


  • 1. Understanding the ScienceBehind Persuasive Storytelling

2. As a marketer, we understand that youre looking for new ways to engage people with your digital presence. Chances are that you know how discouraging it can feel when nothing you do seems to be making a connection. 3. The reality, though, is that theres a science behind how narratives cut through digital pollution to hold human attention. This is the power of storytelling. 4. So how exactly can you take advantage of the science of storytelling to move people? 5. Start with the takeaway message. Stories that stick with us have value beyond their entertainment. They have a message that many people can relate to. By having a clear takeaway message, youll have an easier time crafting a compelling story that resonates with your audience. 6. Theres always a villain. No matter how simple or uplifting the story, an antagonist that causes tension. Conflict is criticalto persuasive storytelling! Conflict can be a simple challenge that your consumers face or something as broad as uncertainty in the economy. 7. Be creative. The information age has exposed consumers to more stories and data than ever before. Consumers are numb to things that would have compelled them a decade ago. If you want your content marketing to be compelling, its important to take risks and go the extra mile with creativity. 8. Set the trend. Stories dont just entertain they have the power to shape human thinking. The more compelling the story, the more likely it is to shape the way that we think, process information, and behave. The question is: how do you want your audience to respond? 9. Simplicity rules. Theres a mistaken assumption that complexity is what makes a story compelling. The reality is that the power of a story usually lies in its simplicity. 10. So as your brand ramps up its content marketing strategy, be sure that these key elements are included in your campaign. Youll be surprised at the effect they can have on your audience.Are you incorporating these ideas into your current content marketing strategy? 11. Content Equals Money is a content writing service that serves a wide variety of clients with top-shelf shareable content. We cater to SEO marketing agencies as well as small business, providing content marketing strategies applicable to many fields. Whether you need content for yourself or content for your clients, Content Equals Money is the insource Writing Service to suit your needs!