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Find best plugins to improve your WordPress search.


<ul><li> 1. Ultimate Alternatives to Default WordPress Search Engine </li></ul> <p> 2. Search is absolutely important for any website. WordPress is no exception. In WordPress 3.7, after a long wait the improvements have been made however it still needs to work on further raising the bar in displaying accurate results in split second. WordPress has been criticized for displaying irrelevant results which is really not close to the standards of WordPress's other facilities. There have been several volunteer developers who have helped in contributing to get over this and provide better and applaudable search results in a WordPress website. In this presentation, I would like to showcase few best alternatives to default search of WordPress. Most of plugins are free but some services are chargeable due to offering some advance features. 3. Relevanssi With around half a million download, Relevanssi is one of the popular search plugin for WordPress websites. Relevanssi replaces the default WordPress search with better search engine, with lots of advance features and configurable options. With this solution, you can represent results in better way and gives most appropriate and relevant solution to users query. However, the plugin is available for free but for more advance features you can upgrade to premium version. Visit Relevanssi.com 4. Search Everything Search Everything can be the best solution to replace default WordPress search engine. The name itself tell everything about plugin which allowing you to filter the results by search comments, tags, pages, categories, taxonomies and much more. It also enables you to highlight the searched terms and exclude the specific pages and posts. 5. Better Search Better Search is another great solution that retrieves relevant and accurate search results. The plugins is packed with options through you can easily customise the results. Through setting panel, you can adjust the weight of ranking factors such as either the title or post content. Additionally, the plugin also track the searches and display the most popular search terms. 6. Swiftype Search Swiftype is better alternative of default WordPress search engine. It is an ideal solution to get fast, intelligent, and fully customizable search to give happy search experience to your users. The plugin is used by many big companies and the best thing about this plugins is, all searches are performed on their servers which help reduce significant load on your website and give fast search experience. 7. yolink Search yolink Search is paid service but it also available for free. For personals website owners can have it for free and business plan start from $60/year. If you have less than 5000 visitors a month, no advertisements and use it on personal website, you can have it for free. The only drawback with free service is, you wont get much of the customer support. 8. Whichever search plugin you install in your WordPress website, you will surely improve your website search experience and hopefully keep visitors on your website a little longer. Better search functionality saves major time of users and give happy time on your website. KGN Technologies is leading WordPress development company with over 4 years of experience. We have delivered over 100 + custom WordPress web solutions to client across the globe. Get in touch with us to view our solid portfolio and references. Visit www.kgntechnologies.com </p>