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The Italian Renaissance Slide show


  • 1. The Italian RenaissanceBy: Tyler Venice Dillard

2. Map of Italy 3. The HistoryThe period of Renaissance was a time of rebirthand change. Italy had begun to flourish andexpand on many achievements and ideas.There had been many cultural achievements inliterature, architecture and art. Some of thegreatest artists of all time were recognized duringthe Italian renaissance period.Michelangelo, LeonardoDaVinci and Raphael areknown as the masters of art. They demonstratedtrue creativity and technique, something verydifferent from the medieval period. 4. Michelangelo The Statue of David 5. Michelangelo The Creation of Adam 6. MichelangeloThe Fall of Man and the Expulsion from the Garden of Eden 7. Leonardo Da Vinci The Last Supper 8. Leonardo Da VinciMona Lisa 9. Leonardo Da VinciThe Virtruvian Man 10. Raphael La Fornarnia 11. Raphael TheTransfiguration 12. Raphael Sistine Madonna 13. Questions????What biblical story did the Statue of Davidrepresent and how was he different from theother statues?What are some characteristics that made MonaLisa special?What does La Fornarnia mean and who wasthe womans role in the artists life?