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  • 1. Disability: Disablethe Label

2. ???????1. What dramas can you think of that have disabled people in them?2. What do you think of when you think of diasbility? 3. Facts About the Disabled There are 770,00disabled children underthe age of 16 in the UK.That equates to 1 childin 20. Nearly one in fivepeople of working age(7 million, or 18.6%) inGreat Britain have adisability. 4. Disability in TV Dramas Students to take notes on blog: Title Disability in TV Dramas In his life 1991 study, Paul Hunt identified 10 stereotypes that the mediause to portray disabled people: The disabled person as pitiable or pathetic An object of curiosity or violence Sinister or evil The super cripple As atmosphere Laughable His/her own worst enemy As a burden As Non-sexual Being unable to participate in daily life 5. The Inbetweeners Why is this clip funny? How is the disabled girl beingframed; how is she beingrepresented? Are we meant to be laughing atthe disabled person? Are they the butt of the joke? How do you think disabled peoplerespond to this? The big word for disabilityrepresentation is STEREOTTYPE! Are we as society being cultivatedto think that we should pitydisability? 6. Activity View and discuss as a classWrite notes and an analysis discussing thetechnical aspects that are creating the representationscamera angle, shot, movement and positionEditingSoundmise en scene 7. Viewing for Disability 8. Viewing of Past Exam ExtractBe prepared to feedback your observations on the technical languageused to represent disability 9. A Final Thought