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  • 1. INTRODUCTION (photo slideshow)Old Turin, Turin first capital of Italy, Turin big industrial centre: to each period corresponds a differentidentity that has left a trace in the picture of the city and that expresses itself in its cultural,architectural and monumental heritage.The winter Olympic Games of Turin 2006 revealed to the world an unexpected city not only to thosewho didnt know where it was on the map, but also to the people who already knew it. The successobtained has been an important arriving point of a profound transformation process that the city hasbeen undertaking for a long time.Since the 90s, Turin has been undergoing a change from industry capital, a sector that continues tohave a fundamental role in the local economy, a centre of innovation, of culture and of quality of life.From being a place of production to becoming a centre of creation and new ideas: a process whichneeds new infrastructures, new educational schemes, shared knowledge, opportunities for youngpeople and a better environment. They are the new ambitions of a city that has left behind it animportant history, great traditions and an amazing geographical position: Turin is in fact situated anhour from the mountains and one from the sea and it is as the famous architect Le Courbusierdefined it the city with the most beautiful natural position.