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From The Principal Tully State Primary School Developing Clever, Capable People Principal: Jennifer Sloane Term 1 Issue 2 Tully State School acknowledges the Gulnay People - the Traditional Custodians of the land in which this school is located and pays respect to their Elders past and present. We acknowledge the sacredness of the land on which our school stands. 21 Mars Street Tully Q 4854 PO Box 573 Tully Q.4854 Ph. 07 40 439 333 http://tullyss.eq.edu.au Term Dates: Jan 22 Mar 29 Apr 17 Jun 29 Jul 16 Sep 21 Oct 08 Dec 14 Dates to Remember: Tuesday, 20 February - P&C Meeting @ 4.30pm Tuesday, 20 March - P&C AGM @ 4.30pm Friday, 2 March - District Netball & Rugby League Carnival Fun and Fitness Our Fun and Fitness program is in full swing. We have moved location to the Cyclone Shelter. This is a much cooler option. Bush dancing is a hit. P&C Our first P&C meeting for 2018 will be held at 4:30pm 5:30pm on Tuesday 20th February. Please come along and support this positive group of parents. We need you to become involved. Our P&C provide so much for our students. This cant happen without you. Get a group together, come along and share your ideas for 2018. Year 5 and 6 School Camp School camps are an important component of the curricu-lum that Tully State School offers. We anticipate that all students in Years 5 and 6 will participate. The camp will be held at the Daradgee Environmental Centre. A note has been sent home asking for parents to let us know if they intend on allowing their child to participate. The school offers a payment system if parents prefer to pay camp costs by instalments. If you wish to use this option, please contact the school office. Kind regards, Jennifer Sloane Resilience Toolkit giving students strategies to respond Tully State Primary Page 2 News from 4B: The students of year 4B have started the year amazingly well. What a wonderful class we have! Our science unit this term is all about geology and geomorphological processes. We have been studying the properties of rocks and soil. The students have enjoyed inspecting properties of a collection of volcanic basaltic, conglomerate metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. 6A Science Investigations 6A have been doing lots of experimenting with various combinations. This week we looked at combinations such as water and yeast; water and sugar; water, yeast and sugar and just sugar and yeast. We left these over night and came back to school with excitement to see what had happened to our different bottles. We discovered that the bottles with yeast and water had started to blow up our balloons a little bit. We then noticed that the bottle with yeast, water and sugar had blown the balloon up half way! Check out some photos of our experiment. STUDENT OF THE WEEK Week ending:25/1/18 (Wk 1 Term 1) PA: Shaylah for showing enthusiasm for learning and consistent On Track behaviour. P/1B: Oscar - for always following class rules and trying his best. Isabel - for showing enthusiasm for learning. 1A: Nina, Madison and Harshan - for On Track behaviour, great listening and neat work. 2A: Bailee - for being On Track and modelling gold behaviours. Faavian - for having fantastic bookwork presentation and pride in work. 2B: Lachlan - for being a helpful class member, helping both the teacher and classmates without asking. 3A: Miriama - for modelling On Track behaviour at her new school. Jeffrey - for completing work on time and with pride. 4A: Sienna - for wonderful effort at maintaining neat writing and tidy bookwork. Shae-Ann - for great active listening and On Track behaviour. 4B: Malakai - for a great start to the year. Ben & Ruben - for settling in well to TSS. 5A: JD - for being respectful and responsible by following teacher instructions and helping others. Acacia - for being a great role model by showing active listening and participation. 5/6B: Alicia - for excellent attitude, participation and academic work. 6A: Mikeal - for actively participating in all classroom activities and making contributions in Science. STUDENT OF THE WEEK Week ending:2/2/18 (Wk 2 Term 1) PA: Rylie for fantastic effort in handwriting. P/1B: Taliah - for consistently trying her best and for always being On Track . 1A: Jaequin - for trying hard in class. Shavonne - for neat writing and trying hard. 2A: Logan - for taking pride in his work. Tamzyn - for being a great class leader and modelling neat writing . 2B: Jacob - for always being On Track and following school rules. 3A: Class Vote: Marlow - for being a good friend. Kahtahnya - for progressing well in her maths consolidations. 4A: Sam - for great effort during English tasks and always On Track. Ashelin - for outstanding work during writing tasks. 4B: Samantha - for great participation in reading groups. James - for a great start in daily writing lessons. 5/6B: Selena - for excellent leadership skills. Michael - for having great ideas and contributing well in class. 6A: Sipi - for always being prepared for learning and being constantly On Track. DATE CLAIMER: READ TO ME DAY 19 JUNE 2018 Prep to Year 3 THEME What do I want to be when I grow up? After school activities have started and will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoon from 3:15pm-4:15pm in the IOLA. Permission is required. Term1 Issue 2 Page 3 District Swimming Carnival: Last Friday saw a number of our students represent TSS at the District Swimming Carnival. Although we didnt have any age champions, (other than a past student) we had several runner ups and second runner ups. Well done to everyone who represented TSS!! Your efforts were amazing. A special thanks to Christina Johnston for volunteering as team manager and Amanda Patch for volunteering on behalf of TSS to help time Homework Club has started with some outstanding numbers. However more parent volunteers are needed. If you can spare some time please see the office. The program runs every Wednesday afternoon from 3:15pm to 4:15pm in the Cyclone Shelter. Students who attend must bring homework. Only students who have an ' On Track' behaviour record can attend. Permission is required. TSS footy training has started, every Monday, Top Oval TSS from 3:15pm-4:15pm in preparation for the Tully District Rugby League Carnival at our school on Friday, 2 March 2018. Permission is required so please see Shane Muriata in this regard. LOTE: In December last year LOTE classes across the Ulysses Cluster of schools participated in a postcard exchange with students from Indonesia. Each school prepared and sent a postcard to the Festival Cerita Jakarta (Story Festival in Jakarta) and last week our replies arrived! Our students in class have been very excited to read and translate their post cards. Following is the postcard received by our school and a translation of what is written. Hello friends at Tully State School. Thank you for sending a postcard to Indonesia. My name is Kaca and Im a tutor at the Story House. In Jakarta, there arent any swimming holes but there are a lot of very tall buildings. The population of Jakarta is more than 10 million people. Thats a lot, hey! Hopefully one day youll be able to visit us in this city. Warm regards, Kaca keep. Tully State Primary Page 4 Tully State School Position Vacant Temporary Administration Officer 10- 20 hours p/wk until 14 December 2018 Applications are invited from interested person/s for a Temporary Administration Officer at Ulysses Cluster Special Education Pro-gram, based at Tully State School. The Administrative Officer will contribute to the effective and effi-cient management and administration of the Ulysses Cluster Special Education Program (SEP) by providing a high level of administrative support to the Head of Special Education Services (HOSES), Clus-ter Primary Schools & the SEP team. Applicants must have a high level of knowledge and experience in data entry, appointment scheduling and Microsoft Office programs. Applicants are requested to obtain an application package contain-ing the role position description. Applicants must address the selec-tion criteria contained within the position description. An application package is available from the school office (Office hours Monday to Friday 8.15am to 3.00pm) Applications are to be forwarded to: Head of Special Education Services Tully State School PO Box 573 Tully Qld 4854 Applications close Tuesday 20th February at 3.00PM. AMENDMENT TO SPORTS CALENDAR DISTRICT TENNIS TOURNAMENT IS ON FRIDAY, 20 APRIL 2018 FROM 2PM-6PM BOYS ONLY ACRO EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST info@danceatrosestudio.com.au 0448034902 www.danceatrosestudio.com.au Hey little man, have you ever wanted to be an ACROBAT? Come and learn TRICKS in a FUN and SAFE environment!! Come and join the fun!!!! Tuesday 3.45 4.30pm El Arish Hall Mums, Dads, Carers, Looking for an opportunity during school hours to have fun, meet new people and exercise at the same time??? Tully Tennis Club invites you to come along to the Thurs-day Social Tennis Adult Fixtures, 8:30-10:30am, during School Terms. All standards of players, men and women, including beginners. STOP DROP & GO PLEASE BE AWARE THAT FROM THE CORNER OF MARS STREET ALONG BRYANT STREET TO THE END THE PREP BUILDING IS A STOP DROP AND GO AREA. TWO (2) MINUTES IS THE MAXIMUM TIME PERMITTED TO PARK THERE. THIS INCLUDES MORNING DROP OFF AS WELL AS AFTERNOON PICK UP. PLEASE ALSO SHARE THIS WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS WHO MAY BE COLLECTING YOUR CHILDREN. FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILDREN PLEASE ABIDE BY THIS LAW.


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