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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 Tt Lap 2600 Nov2012 Evening Session Only</p><p> 1/1</p><p>L a t i n A m e r i c a n S a l e E v e n i n g S e s s i o n</p><p>New York, 20 November 2012, Sale #2600</p><p>[All sold prices include buyers premium]</p><p>Virgilio Garza, Head of Latin American department , said: The energetic, selective market for Latin American art was highlighted</p><p>by modern masters such as Botero, Tamayo, Ziga, Iber Carmargo, and achieved new world auction records for contemporary</p><p>artists like Olga de Amaral and Oscar Muoz. Both collectors in the saleroom and online were excited by the spectacular price</p><p>realized for the rediscovered Portrait of Linda Christian by Diego Rivera. We look forward to the Day Sale, which includes a wide</p><p>array of works ranging from the 18th</p><p>to the 21st</p><p>century.</p><p>PRESS CONTACT: Sung-Hee Park | +1 212 636 2680 |</p><p>Next Sale: New York, 21 November</p><p>Please clickhereto view the full international schedule of upcoming sales from the Latin American department at Christies</p><p>Estimates do not include buyers premium. Sales totals are hammer price plus buyers premium and do not reflect costs, financing</p><p>fees or application of buyers or sellers credits.</p><p>61 lots sold Total: $13,614,800 / 8,577,324 / 10,619,544 77% sold by lot</p><p>79 lots offered 0.63= $1 / 0.78=$1 86% sold by value</p><p>Lot Description Estimate ($) Price Realized Buyer</p><p>40Fernando Botero, Horse, bronze with dark brown</p><p>patina, executed in 1999</p><p>700,000-</p><p>1,000,000</p><p>$938,500</p><p>591,255</p><p>732,030</p><p>US Private</p><p>50Rufino Tamayo, Tres personajes en un interior, oil</p><p>and sand on canvas, painted in 1970350,000-450,000</p><p>$698,500</p><p>440,055</p><p>544,830</p><p>US Private</p><p>39</p><p>Toms Snchez, Buscador de paisajes, acrylic on</p><p>canvas, painted in 2005</p><p>WORLD AUCTION RECORD FOR THE ARTIST</p><p>300,000-500,000</p><p>$626,500</p><p>394,695</p><p>488,670</p><p>Private</p><p>28Toms Snchez, Llegada del caminante a la laguna,</p><p>acrylic on canvas, painted in 1999500,000-700,000</p><p>$602,500</p><p>379,575</p><p>469,950</p><p>Private</p><p>55Fernando Botero, Nun Eating an Apple, oil on canvas,</p><p>painted in 1981500,000-700,000</p><p>$602,500</p><p>379,575</p><p>469,950</p><p>US Private</p><p>11Diego Rivera, Portrait of Linda Christian, oil on</p><p>canvas, painted in 1947250,000-350,000</p><p>$578,500</p><p>364,455</p><p>451,230</p><p>Private</p><p>4Francisco Ziga,Juchiteca sentada, Carrara marble,</p><p>executed in 1972-79250,000-350,000</p><p>$554,500349,335</p><p>432,510</p><p>US Private</p><p>17 Wifredo Lam, Untitled, oil on canvas, painted in 1944 400,000-600,000</p><p>$482,500</p><p>303,975</p><p>376,350</p><p>US Trade</p><p>22Candido Portinari, Lampio e Maria Bonita, oil on</p><p>canvas, painted in Montevideo in 1947150,000-200,000</p><p>$482,500</p><p>303,975</p><p>376,350</p><p>US Trade</p><p>76</p><p>Iber Camargo,Jogo de carretis I, oil on canvas,</p><p>painted in 1967WORLD AUCTION RECORD FOR THE ARTIST</p><p>120,000-180,000</p><p>$422,500</p><p>266,175329,550</p><p>Private</p>mailto:spark@christies.commailto:spark@christies.commailto:spark@christies.com</li></ul>