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Tsutomu Miyazaki by Ming Jie Yang. Background. Born prematurely with deformed hands Excluded from groups as a child Did not graduate to Meiji university as planned due to severe drop in grades Stated that he’d rather have sentimental rather than material support from his family - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Tsutomu Miyazaki by Ming Jie Yang

BackgroundBorn prematurely with deformed handsExcluded from groups as a childDid not graduate to Meiji university as planned due to severe drop in gradesStated that hed rather have sentimental rather than material support from his familyPursued a career as a photo technicianAttended collegiate tennis games to take pictures of the players, which would be used for masturbation Began watching child pornography at age of 21Death of grandfather augmented his depression due to the care shown by himAte grandfathers ashes to retain a part of him

Murders Mari Konno (4 years old): Taken to wooded area under bridge. Killed after Miyazaki decided to murder her. Corpse was sexually assaulted. Hands & feet were cut off and stored in his closet. (August 22, 1988) Masami Yoshizawa (7 years old): Lured into his Nissan Langley after seeing her walk alone. Taken to the same location as Konno. Furthermore, corpse was sexually abused and mutilated just like Konno. (October 3, 1988) Erika Namba (4 Years old): Kidnapped while returning from friends home. Driven to a parking lot and forced to take nude pictures. Killed and dropped body in nearby woods. (December 12, 1988) Ayako Nomoto (5 Years Old): Beguiled by Miyazaki to take pictures together. Murdered after being lured to car shortly after. Took corpse home to take more photos. Used body for sexual purposes while being filmed. (June 6, 1989)

Arrest & ConvictionArrested by police after attempt to insert zoom lenses inside the vagina of an elementary school girl. House was searched shortly after.Police discovered 5,783 video tapes containing mostly anime, horror, and his personal footages (of his victims).Trial started March 30, 1990. Claimed his alter-ego, rat man, forced him to kill the girls. Judge rejected, stating that Miyazaki was fully aware of the consequences, therefore, making him accountable for his actions.Received sentence on April 14, 1997: Death by hangingJune 17, 2008: Executed

EvidenceSent postcard of Erika Namba to her family with the words Erika. Cold. Cough. Throat. Rest. Death..Konnos remained were charred and grounded into a powder. This along with her teeth, photos of her clothes, and a postcard was sent to the family.Nomotos body was dismembered after beginning to decompose. He initially abandoned the body in a local cemetery, only to keep it in his closet in fear someone might find it.Anomie TheoryMizayakis life was difficult ever since birth. His appearance made him a target for bullying at school. This in turn reflected on his grades and more importantly his social life. His sisters at home saw him as an abomination and disgusting. His parents tended to disregard him due to their focus on work. Only grandpa stood by his side throughout his life. However, once his most important figure passed away, Mizayaki was set even further into depression. These negative social interactions (or lack of) played a significant part in the murders.