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  1. 1. Developing a strategy in Trivago with Google Adwords campaigns Monday, May 18th 2015
  2. 2. Structure of Google Adwords campaign Aim for our campaign. -Increasing number of books in 15% (London city-> 01/06-15/06). Useful areas for Trivago -North Europe hotels -South Europe hotels -West Europe hotels -East Europe hotels
  3. 3. Main keywords Cheap hotels holidays Hotels Denmark July Holidays September Finland Beautiful hotels Amsterdam [Incredible cheap hotel Sweden] [Hotel one-night centre Riga]
  4. 4. My Google Adwords ad Hotel Blue Dragon London centre - ... London centre Price ranges; valoration, votes... Compare hotel prices and find the cheapest price for the best option in London centre.
  5. 5. Landing page Parts of the landing page: A headline A secondary headline Gorgeous picture Valoration other customers More information Promotion/discount Call to action Moreover, using a banner is other good element for showing the information.
  6. 6. Analyse the feedback of the campaign Control the results, revising the conversion funnel, which parts of the process doesnt work correctly. With the customer words, using them for improving the campaign adding as a keywords or negative keywords. Changing the landing page each 2 months for introducing new offers. Using a A/B testing in the landing page for improving the results. Create a database with our customers to send promotions by email-marketing.
  7. 7. LVARO LPEZ HERRERALVARO LPEZ HERRERA Thank you very much for your attention!