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  • 1. Tributefunds Facebook Marketing Application 2010

2. Facebook Application: Core Objectives

  • This application will aim to provide the following objectives:
  • It lets the Tributefund owner market their Tributefunds to all their friends on Facebook
  • Improve Tributefund referrals by over 33%
  • Increase donations on your Tributefunds
  • Increase numbers on your charity
  • Facebook page

3. Once a tributefund owner has set up a new Tributefund, the thank you page will prompt them to tell all their friends about their new fund on Facebook Setting up a Facebook app: Tributefund Owner Journey 4. All they need to do is allow access to the application (a normal process for all Facebook apps) and add their friends they wish to tell about their new tributefund. Thats it. Its that simple. The application will the do the rest of the work importing all of the data and using Facebooks API, uses Facebook to reach out to all of their friends using the latest social media application techniques.Setting up a Facebook app: Tributefund Owner Journey 5.

  • All of the information a Tributefund owner added when setting up the Tributefund is automatically added to the Facebook tributefund application.
  • They will be taken to their Facebook application page (which will be a tab on their profile) which will show them all useful details on the fund, including:
  • The Tributefund name
  • Initial text about the fund
  • Total raised to date
  • Target goal to raise
  • A barometer to show the percentage raised
  • A live feed of the latest donations
  • A section showing your friends donations
  • A section showing your own donations to the fund

Setting up a Facebook app: Tributefund Owner Journey 6.

  • Other facebook users can also donate from here or add this featured page to their own profile
  • In addition there is also your charity logo shown on the right, which is a link where you can choose it to go to a url such as:
  • Your main charity website
  • Your Tributefund homepage
  • Your charity Facebook page
  • An application admin is also available allowing
  • you to change the charity colour scheme to a
  • colour which more closely matches your brand
  • guidelines.

Setting up a Facebook app: Tributefund Owner Journey 7.

  • Once the app is all set up, five Facebook updates will happen to the Tributefund owners profile and updates to all of their friends who they added:
  • It will update the Tributefund ownersstatustelling everyone about the new fund.
  • awall updateon the tributefund owners wall for all their friends to see and get them to join
  • a notification on the tributefund owners Facebook profile
  • a prompt to tell their friends via Facebook email or via normal email about the new TributeFund

Setting up a Facebook app: Tributefund Owner Journey 8. Once the successful fund is 50% and 90% complete based on their target, automated updates will apply to both the Tributefund owners wall and their status updates.These automated updates will ensure all their Facebook friends will help out to make their target achievable. Once a Fund is 50% and 90% complete: viral updates 9. With Google Analytics added to your Tributefund, you can also ensure that that all donations are fully trackable from those who have donated from the Facebook app.This tracking will not only show the total donated from Facebook, but also show the drop off/conversion rate on each step of the way. Proving how Facebook can increase donations 10. The application is now live and you can view the live funds which are now using the application: Cost: The cost is dependant on the number of Tributefund charities that sign up to this application. Currently there are several other charities who have signed up for this application. If you are interested, please do let us know, so we can ensure you get the most competitive cost. Richard Patterson (Head of Digital, Whitewater) [email_address] 0207 336 9718 Timescales and Ballpark Costs