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Top traveling Hong Kong tailors visiting different countries all over the world. Check out their website for appointment dates.


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2. Hong Kong hasa completearmy of tailors.Following aresome of thetraveling HongKong tailorswho provideservices abroad. 3. Raja FashionsGlobally known as the leadingbespoke tailors in Hong Kong.The sales representatives makemonthly visits to variousplaces in abroad to take theorders. 4. One of traveling Hong Kongtailors visiting USA, Tokyo,Europe and various other cities inJapan. They can be seen in Tokyoin the month of March and USA inthe month of April.Vinnies InternationalHong Kong Based Tailors 5. Hinmark Martin TailorsHong Kong tailorsfor corporate menand women andvisits some placesregularly likeCanada, Australia,Japan, Europe, NewZealand, UK and UStaking orders ofcustomizedclothing. 6. Maxwell ClothiersLimitedTraveling Hong Kong tailors thathas been visiting and keepingappointments in Canada and USfrom 25 years. Now they eventravel UK and Australia. 7. Empire InternationalTailorEvery year their team of tailorsvisit places across the world toUSA, Canada and Europewhere fabrics are selected,styles are described andmeasurements are taken. 8. Appointment dates of thesetraveling Hong Kong Tailorsare available in theirrespective websites.The other traveling HongKong tailors are Hira FashionLimited and 9. Images courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.netIf you are looking for a highquality bespoke or custom madesuits for men and women,Hong Kong is the place to lookfor, you can