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Page 1: Transform your enterprise with Mobility

of business leaders rank mobility at the top of their list of

strategic priorities

Less than 50% of business leaders have a

comprehensive mobile strategy

of business leaders think that ‘mobile first’ companies will disrupt mature industries

55% 50%80%

Desk-less workers

Cargo shippers Field force

Active office workers

Inter-office commutersSerial meeting attendees Multi-office workers

Office check-in for work orders

Paper dependent forms

Manual recording on paper forms

Office check out to turn in paperworkand reports

Paper oriented approach

Remote login to work

Electronic recording in field and real time updating

Electronic record of compliance reporting

Increased productivity of field wworkforce and accuracy of data

Technology enabled approach

Navigate through key dashboards easily

Access customer details through information captured by operatives

Better, Faster Reporting

What are the factors to consider when choosing an Enterprise Mobility solutions provider?

Create new customer records remotely

Capture images to list task details

Perform complex calculations to help upsell


Boosted Productivity

Send auto-generated emails

Are applications, connectivity and device offered together?

Is the solution device and vendor agnostic?

Is it available on multiple operating systems – iOS, Android and Windows?


Is it operable on both GSM and CDMA?

Improved Accuracy

Photographic proof before and after assignment

Enable proactive, cost saving work

Leverage geo-spatial data to create value

Mash up geo-data with system meta data

Why do you need a mobile strategy?

How is a tech-enabled mobile workforce different from a traditional one?

What are the benefits of Enterprise Mobility solutions?--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Workforce Automation


Connect With Tata Docomo Business Services – The One Stop Shop For Your Enterprise Mobility needs

A one stop shop which can offer Enterprise Mobility solutions with country wide network connectivity and 24x7 technology support is ideally suited to your needs

Can it be customised to your specific business requirements?

Does it have the ability to integrate with your existing ERP/CRM systems?