train thetechnology trainer: tips and tricks to teaching digital literacy

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Presented at SWFLIN - Technology Day. December 2014



2. PRESENTATION 3. AGENDAOne On One: Create ASuccessful InteractionClasses: How to make itwork 4. ONE ON ONE: CREATE ASUCCESSFULINTERACTION 5. EMPATHY 6. HOW CAN USERS ASK FOR HELP? 7. SMILE: NO MATTER THEFORMATREMEMBER: ITS NOT ABOUTYOU 8. ALLOW USERS TO SAVE FACEImage: 9. WHAT ARE THE MOST COMMON ISSUESWITH OVERDRIVE?oCant find downloaded bookoChanged App or Websiteo Technical Issueso On Hold for Titles 10. Source 11. WHAT THEY NEEDTO KNOW 12. LETS REVIEW: THE SKIT 13. CLASSES: HOW TO MAKEIT WORK 14. RULES OF THUMB Assume everyone is a beginner.Unless you advertise the class as Advanced Course Title and Blurb set expectations Follow-Up and Additional Resources areessential 15. DEFINE YOUR OBJECTIVESWhat are the key concepts/skills?Why are these concepts and skills important?How will you know that they have understood thesecorrectly?Source: 16. DECISIONSChallenge:During this presentation:Create a class of your own 17. HANDS-ON V. LECTURE 18. TIME/WHENHow Long?Length of Workshop 19. WHERE?o On-Site whatroomo Onlineo Remote Location 20. EFFECTIVE MARKETING 21. TITLEo Denote Toneo Avoid cute nameso Title should give an idea ofcourseo 5-7 words 22. CREATING THE DESCRIPTIONo To the point shorter the bettero Bullet Pointso Action Verbso Watch language for over-promises Learn Become an Expert Listen demonstrate practice 23. MARKETING 24. ADVERTISING Where will you advertise? Who is your target? How will you advertise? When will you advertise? 25. CREATING THEADVERTISINGTitleTimeLocation1 sentence at most descriptionHow to get more informationVisualTemplate or Not to Template 26. ADVERTISINGWhat is your advertisingplan?Additional Resource from Kayce Austin: 27. ROOM SET-UPConsider:o Discussiono Number ofAttendeeso Devices/Note-taking 28. SEATINGChairs should face away from the door andwindows if possible, to minimizedistractions.Avoid having the sun in anyone's eyes orhaving glare interfere with their ability tosee any visual materials. 29. WHAT TYPE OF SEATING?Is the class hands-on?How many are expected?What style is the class? 30. THEATRE STYLE 31. U- STYLE OR HOLLOWSQUAREImage from: 32. CLASSROOM STYLEImage & More Tips from 33. HOW WILL YOU SET-UP YOUR ROOM?WHY IS THIS THE BEST SET-UP FOR YOURCLASS? 34. CREATING HANDOUTS 35. graphicsBullet PointsContact InfoDownload this template at: 36. FACTORS WITH HANDOUTSYes or No?When do distribute?What is required on the handouts by thelibrary? 37. THE PRESENTATIONIntroductionKey Points (3) Examples, DemonstrateSummarize YourselfCall to Action Next Steps Audience Challenge How to follow-up 38. SAMPLE PRESENTATIONClick on Apple App StoreLink 39. GENERAL PRESENTATIONTIPS 40. MAKING SLIDES COUNT 41. MINIMIZE WORDSImage 42. DONT READ SLIDES 43. BIG AND CLEAR SLIDES 44. TELL A STORY CONNECT PERSONALIZE 45. SHARE YOUR SLIDESo Slideshareo Google Driveo Dropbox 46. GOLDEN RULESKnow Your AudienceKnow Your TopicBring Your Passion 47. TIPS FOR SUCCESSPracticeBe PreparedVisualize SuccessKnow: Your audience wants you tosucceedDont Apologize for nervesFocus on the message 48. MANAGING THEUNEXPECTED 49. CREATING A LOGISTICSPRE-TRAINING CHECKLIST 50. TECHNOLOGYPlan APlan BSchedule for testingTip: Offsite? Find out who is thetech guru at the location andtalk beforehand if possible 51. EMERGENCY KIT: Screenshots or recordingsof Live Demonstrations Presentation on Flash Drive Power Cords 52. THE TECHNOLOGYRemember Plan BTake a short break if neededMove on and regroupHumor 53. STRANGE DEVICESImage: 54. MANAGING THE UNEXPECTEDAUDIENCEo Questionero Side-trackero Side-talkero Distracted 55. SHAKE THOSE NERVESoPracticeoMathoBreathingExercisesoDont forget toeatoRegulate caffeineoBe Comfortable 56. BACK TO THE SKIT?OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS FORCHANGE? 57. Additional Resource from Colleen Barany: 58. CONTACT INFORMATIONDiana for sharing slides