Town Hall Seattle, WA VADM Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr., USN (Ret.) Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere NOAA Administrator April 18, 2006

Download Town Hall Seattle, WA VADM Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr., USN (Ret.) Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere NOAA Administrator April 18, 2006

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  • Town Hall Seattle, WA VADM Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr., USN (Ret.) Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere NOAA Administrator April 18, 2006
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  • 2 NOAA Town HallSeattle Kelly Sandy NOAA Western Administrative Support Center (WASC) Director from 1983 to 2005.
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  • 3 NOAA Town HallSeattle Menu Slide NOAAs Vision and Mission Leadership Changes Corporate NOAA Employee Information Updates NOAA Budget Current Events Hurricane Response NOAA in the Media GEOSS Ocean Action Plan Challenges / Opportunities One NOAA
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  • 4 NOAA Town HallSeattle NOAAs Vision An informed society that uses a comprehensive understanding of the role of the oceans, coasts and atmosphere in the global ecosystem to make the best social and economic decisions
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  • 5 NOAA Town HallSeattle NOAAs Mission & Goals To understand and predict changes in the Earths environment and to conserve and manage coastal and marine resources to meet the Nations economic, social and environmental needs Mission Goals: Protect, restore, and manage the use of coastal and ocean resources through an ecosystem approach to management Understand climate variability and change to enhance societys ability to plan and respond Serve societys needs for weather and water information Support the Nations commerce with information for safe, efficient, and environmentally sound transportation Provide critical support for NOAAs mission
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  • 6 NOAA Town HallSeattle NOAA Leadership Changes Organizational chart available at Corporate Functions Education Louisa Koch Legislative Affairs Eric Webster Military Affairs CAPT (sel) R. Scott Steadley, USN Decision Coordination Office & Program Coordination Office Tim McClung Operating Branches OAR Dr. Rick Spinrad NOS Jack Dunnigan Program Goal Leads Ecosystem Steve Murawski (NMFS) Weather & Water George Smith (NWS) Commerce & Transportation CAPT Steven Barnum (NMAO) Mission Support Satellite Services Gary Davis (NESDIS) (A)
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  • 7 NOAA Town HallSeattle Corporate NOAA
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  • 8 NOAA Town HallSeattle Corporate NOAA
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  • 9 NOAA Town HallSeattle Employee Information Workforce Management QuickHire continuing to make improvements. Contract was to expire Sept. 2006, however DOC has bought an additional option year through Sept. 2007 We are working with Department of Commerce to create the best Statement of Work to improve current system or purchase better system. QuickHire Login Screen
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  • 10 NOAA Town HallSeattle Employee Information Pay Banding Demonstration Project NOAA working with DOC and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to expand participation. As part of language contained in FY05 and 06 Appropriations Bill, NOAA is seeking OPMs legal interpretation to expand demo project to cover an additional 3,500 NOAA employees (for a total of 6,925 NOAA employees). Action Items NOAA Workforce Management Staff working with Line and Staff Offices to gauge initial intent to migrate to Demo Project. Notification to union of opportunity to voluntarily participate issued. Requires final approval of Director, OPM, through a published Federal Register. NOAA Workforce Management Office/LOs will provide education briefings and training. Target date: NLT October 1, 2006
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  • 11 NOAA Town HallSeattle Employee Information 5-Level Performance Management System Covered Employees: GS, Wage System, Wage Marines Linking individual performance with NOAA goals Performance Awards linked to achievement of NOAA goals Rollout: 11/05 03/06: union briefings, negotiations 04/06 08/06: employee, managers training 09/30/06: closeout of two-level system; five-level effective 10/01/06 First option is 5-level, however, demo may be available, subject to satisfying labor-management obligations.
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  • 12 NOAA Town HallSeattle Employee Information NOAA Aviation Safety November 29, 2004: Safety Stand-Down July 1, 2005, Aviation Safety Policy, Executive Council approved Full implementation required by October 1, 2006 Establishes a corporate NOAA Aviation Safety Board & Aviation Safety Program Brings NOAA into compliance with 41 Code of Federal Regulation 102-33 Management of Government Aircraft Provides for Aviation Safety Management Interim Directive continuing safety stand-down
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  • Updates
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  • 14 NOAA Town HallSeattle Seattle Updates & Information OKEANOS EXPLORER Summer Science Camp Weekly Emails Office of Communications: Provide effective communications both within and outside of NOAA Required notification is at the Hill Chief Administrative Office working necessary steps to make Communications Office a reality
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  • NOAA Budget
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  • 16 NOAA Town HallSeattle NOAA Budget ($ in Billions)
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  • 17 NOAA Town HallSeattle NOAA FY06 Budget Top 20 Impacts Activity ($ in millions)LO06 PB06 ConfDeltaComments 1 Absorbing Pay Raise of 3.1% NOAA($8.0) Absorbing 3.1% Pay Raise amounts to $10M cut. 2 Across the Board Rescissions NOAA($36.0) $11M across the board cut and $25M carry over cuts. 3 Base Operations & Systems O&M NWS$745.3$730.2($15.1) Cut Systems O&M, Wx Research, AHPS, & Air Quality Forecasts and did not correct labor issue. 4 DOC Working Capital Fund PS$40.7$34.0($6.7) Cut could increase direct bills for Line Offices. 5 NOAA Facilities Maintenance PS$22.0$11.0($11.0) Delays backlog of repair actions. Boulder rent issue. 6 Space Environment Center NWS$7.2$4.0($3.2) Reprogramming needed to avoid staffing cuts. 7 NOAA Corps Salaries OMAO$4.3$0.0($4.3) Payment from Line Offices not funded. 8 Data Centers NESDIS$33.6$25.1($8.4) Reprogramming needed to avoid staffing cuts. 9 Rent Payments OAR$1.5$0.0($1.5) Rent for Norman was not funded. 10 FSV 2 Completion OMAO$5.8 $0.0 Funds equitable adjustment not vessel completion.
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  • 18 NOAA Town HallSeattle NOAA FY06 Budget Top 20 Impacts (contd.) Activity ($ in millions)LO06 PB06 ConfDeltaComments 11 Galveston Lab NMFS$2.0$0.0($2.0) Delays completion of 3 year repair effort. 12 HPCC Computing OAR$12.9$6.4($6.5) Impacts research computing and NOAA comms capacity. 13 Climate Observations OAR$69.2$39.9($29.3) Delays GEOSS and impacts critical climate research. 14 NURP Centers OAR$10.5$4.2($6.3) Could force closure of 3 East Coast Centers. 15 Response & Restoration NOS$16.4$10.0($6.4) Defers creation of 7 th NRT. 16 National Sea Grant Program OAR$61.2$55.3($5.9) Impacts critical ocean research activities. 17 Protected Resources NMFS$30.9$26.0($4.9) Impacts ESA Section 7 Consultations. 18 Pacific Salmon Fund NMFS$90.0$67.2($22.8) Alaska fully funded in mark, impacts other States. 19 GOES Satellites NESDIS$240.5$221.7($19.1) Defers HES Instrument from 2012 to 2014. 20 Ocean Exploration OAR$22.7$13.8($8.9) Impacts OE vessel completion & research cruises.
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  • 19 NOAA Town HallSeattle NOAA FY06 Budget Successes NPOESS request funded 100% and increased funding for Operations Research and Facilities by $24.6M over request Marine Operations and Services funded at $111.3M and increase of $11.5M over request including full year days at sea for HIIALAKAI and OSCAR DYSON Fully funds Tsunami Warning Network and includes earmarks for enhancing the program $54.6M Emergency Supplemental Funds for Katrina and future hurricane related costs Procurement Acquisition and Construction request fully funded including Supercomputing, NEXRAD, ASOS, AWIPS, WFO Construction Includes $27M to construct joint NOAA/NASA facilities for the National Data Buoy Center
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  • 20 NOAA Town HallSeattle One NOAA vs. Budget Year 2007 In FY2006... NSF: $5.6BNASA: $16.5BNOAA: $3.9B NASA vs. NWS NASA vs. OAR NASA vs. NOS NASA vs. NMFS NASA vs. NESDIS NSF vs. NWS NSF vs. OAR NSF vs. NOS NSF vs. NMFS NSF vs. NESDIS OR NASA vs. NOAA OR NSF vs. NOAA Strength in numbers!
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  • Current Events
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  • 22 NOAA Town HallSeattle Hurricane Response One NOAA response Forecasts Wetland assessment (satellites) Citation flights digital imagery NRTs NOAA Ships Oil spill response Environmental assessment cruises August 31, 2005 provided by NOAA Levee break
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  • 23 NOAA Town HallSeattle NOAA in the Media Robert Ricks Max Mayfield
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  • 24 NOAA Town HallSeattle NOAA Education NOAAs Environmental Literacy Grants (new in 2005) Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Program (new in 2005) 110 students coming this summer! 2006 applications due April 22 2006 Go to! Interagency Ocean Education Coordination (new in 2006) Expand NOAAs Authority for Education NOAA Organic Act build on education authorization in the 2006 appropriations bill
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  • 25 NOAA Town HallSeattle GEOSS Integrated Observations & Data Management
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  • 26 NOAA Town HallSeattle GEO Moves Forward Working Towards Implementation Received approval for formal GEO organization and 10-year implementation plan Held GEO-I in May 2005, and GEO-II in December 2005 New GEO Secretariat Director, Jose Achache Agreed to 2006 Work Plan and adopted a budget Formally created GEO Committees GEONETCast as tangible near term pro