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<ul><li><p>Top Trends of Bedroom Decoration </p><p>Bed room is a place where you spend most of your time while relaxing or sleeping. A bedroom is </p><p>a one of the most sacred place of your home. While designing the others part of the home you </p><p>should keep in mind others taste but while designing and decorating your own bed room you can </p><p>follow up your taste and choice. For the couples there is need of sacrificing personal extremes </p><p>and balance. Both of you should come to a point of agreement about design which suits for both. </p><p> A room can effect the psychology and mental state of a person. The color can put the strong </p><p>effect on the mind of a person. When we sleep we see the last image of our room and when we </p><p>awake we see the first image of the room. According to psychology if you want to spend the </p><p>whole day in an energetic and good mood you should awake in a room which give you the </p><p>mental energy in a positive way. </p><p> Here are top ten trends of bedroom decoration/designing which you can bring in your room to </p><p>make it most charming and fantastic. </p><p> Walls of Bed room </p><p>Extravagance and blossomy wall art is in now a days. There's something refreshing around the </p><p>beauty regarding natural flowers. If you are the one who appreciates these intricacies in addition </p><p>to fascinations involving living earth, a large wall piece of art or print out could include that </p><p>inspirational border which your current bedroom has lacked. Hand printed piece is much </p><p>preferred. Here is a best example for your bed room wall. </p></li><li><p> Use natural material in your bedroom </p><p>In 2014 natural material is in for your bed room. Wood features, stones and natural tone </p><p>are in now. So you should use natural material in your bedroom such at the floor of your </p><p>bed room you can use chunky thick planks of wood. You can use the wood on the back </p><p>wall of your bed room. You can use the table and stoles made of pure wood. Here is the </p><p>example of bedroom which is decorated with natural material. You can see how beautiful </p><p>it is looking with chunky thick planks of wood and with the use of pure wood. </p></li><li><p> Rustic style is in now in 2014 </p><p>Natural, unpolished and rustic style is in now. Country material and natural colors are in. </p><p>It is the solid trend of 2014. With the use of branches you can give the effect of rustic </p><p>style in your bed room. The best example of this style is shown in the picture below. </p><p> The year of Blue, blue and blue in your bed room. </p><p> Its the year of blue in your bedroom to govern. Blue is very much in now. You now there is </p><p>not only one blue. There is navy blue, sky blue and brilliant blue. So you can use these blues in </p><p>your room. You can combine the variety of blue in contrast with white. You can use blue in </p><p>pillows, in lamp stand, in cushion, in bed and in drapes. Here is the best example of Blue. </p></li><li><p> The style of Dash of Danish </p><p> From the previous years this style is very much in and 2014 it is not out of date. The low, clean </p><p>and clinical beds are in. In this style your bedroom has the central importance. Here is the best </p><p>example of Danish bed. </p><p>So here are some top trends of bedroom decoration which you can bring in your bedroom. If you </p><p>want the help of interior designers you can visit JacobSardini. The website of this JacobSardini </p><p>is:- </p><p> </p></li></ul>