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Organisation was a BIG thing for me as I hate being un prepared. It made me realise how much there actually was to get together before we could start filming/editing. Being organised allowed my group to work well together making planning decisions much easier. We kept all of our planning sheets in a folder and I even made a check list of all the things we had to have so we could tick them off as we went along! I would definitely advise you to do this as it made the whole process a lot smoother.5. ORGANISATION

180 rule Shot reverse shot Match on action Eyeline match

These were very important to uphold when filming. The thing that helped me was doing the preliminary task before making the real thriller as I got to test out the rules. One thing in particular that was difficult was remembering the 180 rule because as someone who is there at the time when filming you do not realise how it will look if the 180 rule is broken because you can see everything, you only realise after watching footage back how confused someone may be just watching it. So its really important that you practise this and make sure you get it right in your real project!4. RULES OF CONTINUITY

I found editing quite easy as I have used the software (Final Cut pro) before in GCSE media last year. However, one thing I find hard at the editing stage is working in a large group of people on just one mac as everyone has different ideas for how they would like to edit the footage so it is hard to include them all. If I could give any advise for this, it would be for you and your group to organise a timetable where each member comes in to edit at different times rather than you all editing at once. 3. EDITING WITH FINAL CUT

When planning my thriller I made sure we did not start filming until we had everything planned out properly. This meant having the storyboard, props list, health & safety, shot by shot list etc ALL completed. The thing I found most difficult to plan was the casting for the thriller. To make this easier I would suggest choosing actors that you know are reliable and time urgent! I designed a letter that each actor had to sign for my thriller which had all the details of what they would be doing and the safety risks. This made explaining things a lot easier as they had it all in front of them in black and white in case they forgot what I wanted them to do.2. EFFECTIVE PLANNING


This is by far the MOST important thing that I learned about when producing my Thriller!! We had just 2 weeks to film and 2 weeks to editBut it ended up being 1 week for each as planning took so long!I would advise you to be very organised and meet all your deadlines so that when it comes to the filming/editing process you have all the time you need to make it perfect.


I hope my Top Tips have been helpful, and that you take them on board if you are creating a film opening next year!