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Looking to improve revenue of your medical practice? Here are some strategies which will help you to improve your revenue. For detail information regarding these strategies, you can visit -


  • Now things become easier by adopting new technologies in a medical setup and the alignment of various diagnostic devices like scale monitors, BP machines, eye-checkup devices, etc.

  • Date based marketing is also one of the major prospects for acquiring the new clients and retaining existing.

  • Educating the patients about their financial responsibility, and encouraging in-house collections can be another addition to the revenue

  • If practitioners outsource their medical billing and coding practices, it proves to be a better financial option, so that practitioners can focus only on healthcare

  • As per Mr. Bill Janis, Regional Sales Director of Modern Medicine medical healthcare network, they can add $40,000 to $200,000 per annum to the revenue by dispensing in-office prescription drugs, cosmetics, etc. So as to increase the revenue, a medical practice should start offering in-house products for sale to the patients, lease, rent out, etc.

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