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When most people think of a boys room, whether it is a young baby, a child or a teenager, they often think that it has to be blue. But lets be honest, there are so many colors under the sun, that blue just isnt the default anymore.


<p>Top Bedroom Colors for Boys</p> <p>Top Bedroom Colors for BoysWhen most people think of a boys room, whether it is a young baby, a child or a teenager, they often think that it has to be blue. But lets be honest, there are so many colors under the sun, that blue just isnt the default anymore. In fact, neutral colors work great in boys bedrooms. If you are interested in finding other colors besides regular old blue for your boys room, continue to read below on some cool paint ideas for the walls as well as color schemes for the rest of the space, you will be surprised at the colors listed below! If you need additional help deciding the best color to paint the room you should contact an interior painter in Park Slope for additional advice. House painters in Park Slope know what colors boys like and can pick the perfect color for you!Black And White</p> <p>If you have a teen, at one point or another, they have probably asked for a black room. Black? Crazy! Well, if you want to find a way to sort of compromise; this idea is the way to go. It uses a black accent wall behind the bed, rather than all the walls, and its chalkboard paint. This is also a really cool idea for older kids that love to draw. </p> <p>The chalkboard paint can be drawn on using any color of chalk and it can just as easily be erased when they want to draw something new on the wall. Add in a few colors like slate gray for the bedding, with white sheets, a blue accent blue sham and you can paint the other walls a pretty color of light blue blue and black go really well together!</p> <p>Bring The Outside In</p> <p>if you have a little guy that loves the outdoors, why not bring the outdoors indoors? You can do so by splitting the wall visually into 3 styles. The bottom style can be paint, how about something sunny and bright like orange sherbet. The second/middle part can be a thin line that goes around the entire room, in sage green, and then the top part of the wall can have an outdoorsy wallpaper pattern like wooded forests, trees, etc. </p> <p>The rest of the room allows you to also incorporate more outdoor colors like a sage green and moss for an ottoman and a few accent pillows. Rich woods for a chest of drawers. Light tans for the furniture in the room, etc.</p> <p>Aviation ThemeNot all themes have to be babyish. In fact, some of them can be downright luxurious and cool looking. If you have a young boy that loves all things planes and helicopters, why not consider making a theme that he can grow into. It has very adult like colors so it doesnt matter if he's 8 or 18 he will love the room as is. The main part of the wall could be a light tan color and the wall trim can be a crisp white. </p> <p>Then, if you can find a wooden bed you can paint that a sort of matte slate gray color along with a desk, dresser and TV stand all the same dark slate gray. Add in a few accessories to complete the theme like a 1947 bomber model hanging above the bed in the corner, a few really cool plane plans framed up on the walls, and maybe a few smaller model planes placed throughout the room on his desk or drawers.</p> <p>Artsy and Bold</p> <p>if you have a younger boy that loves to draw you pictures and takes a lot of pride in his work, another idea is to actually use some of his artwork to build the color scheme around the room. For example, if your son has drawn a really cool art piece and then painted it bright orange, brown and light blue, you could use those colors as a scheme for the room such as a bright orange accent wall, dark wooden floors and you can also add those into the furnishings. For example a suede finish comforter (orange) and the top part of the comforter can be different colors and thicknesses of blue. Add in some bookcases in orange and you have brought the entire room together and created a really cool scheme from one single image. Plus, your son will be mighty proud to know his new cool room was inspired by HIS painting!</p> <p>As you can see from the above options, you are NOT just stuck with blue anymore. In fact, most of the options above only included blue as an accent color because blue is becoming the new neutral. Blue isnt usually a color you would consider to BE a neutral but blue does go with just about anything!</p>