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Getting bored to cook! Learn some easy and healthy recipes you must try.


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Some Easy Recipes You Must TryPav Bhaji RecipeMutton Biryani RecipeChana Masala RecipeHyderabadi Chicken BiryaniVeg Biryani RecipeBeer chicken recipeSweet Pongal RecipeSome Easy Recipes You Must TryPav Bhaji RecipeBeing in Mumbai one cant refuse the urge of ogling at a Bollywood star and munching on a Pav bhaji. Spicy and tangy with a sharp taste like never before, it has all the distinctive delights that come in as one to crown the taste buds with a mesmerizing flavor. It is the regional king of Mumbais street food.

Read More.Some Easy Recipes You Must TryMutton Biryani RecipeMutton Biryani is one of the most sumptuous dining recipes which have the best fragrance and flavor. It is colored and flavored with the best spices to taste great. Every food lover would get enchanted at the sight of a good mutton Biryani. Here is the list of necessary ingredients and also the step by step procedure to make a delicious Mutton Biryani.

Read More.Some Easy Recipes You Must TryChana Masala RecipeChana Masala is one of the finger-licking dishes that was born and brought up in the Punjab area of India and Pakistan, but it has given many thousand calories to the world of vegetarians and in some cases the non-vegetarians as well. The expression says it all after nibbling on this tempting dish of appetizer.

Read More.Some Easy Recipes You Must TryHyderabadi Chicken BiryaniBiryani itself is very special, and Chicken Biryani leaves every non-vegetarian drooling. When it comes to Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, it is the most flavored spicy Biryani ever in India.It is best served hot with just plain raitha or papads.

Read More.Some Easy Recipes You Must TryVeg Biryani RecipeDoes hearing this phrase leave your mouth watering? Yes! The spread on the plate and the intense aroma would make one go nuts over it. It is one of the sumptuous, well renowned and delicious food ever that is celebrated all over the world for its finger-licking taste. Here is an awesome recipe of Veg Biryani to stun the guests stepping to share happiness.

Read More.Some Easy Recipes You Must TryBeer chicken recipeThe origin of beer chicken is not clear till date. However, some say that this recipe has originated from Southern parts of the United States, while some say it was a part of hobo culture. The recipe mentioned here is totally different from the normal procedure.

Read More.Some Easy Recipes You Must TrySweet Pongal RecipeSweet Pongal rice or also called as Chakkara pongal in Telugu is a traditional sweet. This dessert is very popular in South India and prepared during festivals, especially Pongal or Sankranti and other important occasions. In South India, during Pongal season, this rice is cooked in a new earthenware pot.

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