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2. Adobe Photoshop ExpressDigital photography editing has, until recently, been a taskbest suited for desktop and laptop computers, but Adobeproved that it could be done in the mobile space withPhotoshop Express, a free photo-editing application forthe iPhone and other iOS devices. Photoshop Express is apowerhouse of a mobile app, and can even handle noisereduction (getting rid of those extraneous particles thatshow up on photos). All in all, Adobe Photoshop Expressis a solid tool for making light photo edits on your iPhone. 3. Airport UtilityThe free AirPort Utility manager from Apple lets youcontrol your Wi-Fi network and AirPort basestations, including AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, andTime Capsule, right from your iPhone. When you launchthe app, youll see a pictorial representation of yournetwork and devices that will tell you whats connected towhat and how. You can change the network and Wi-Fisettings, start or restore a base station, access networkinginformation (like DNS server, router address, IPaddress), and more. 4. BrewsterThe Brewster iPhone app may be one of the most visuallyappealing contact managers youll find, tapping intomultiple social networks for images of people you know. Itinsists on having access to your iPhone Contacts andeither Twitter or Facebook to work, though. 5. ChromeChrome for iPhone is just Safari with a better interfaceand a few more features, but its a must-have app fordesktop Chrome users. Anyone who has fallen in love withthe "Omnibox," or combined URL address bar and searchbar, wont want to use anything else. 6. DashlaneDashlane is an elegant and secure app that acts as a digitalwallet backup, password manager, and more. It canautomatically save information from when you makepurchases online, so you dont have to keep track of themvia email confirmations. The data that Dashlane storesremains encrypted until you unlock the app, and yet itmanages to sync all your important information acrossmultiple devices, including your iPhone. The app andservice are free, although if you like Dashlane, you mightconsider upping your account to Premium ($4.99 permonth, or $39.99 per year, or "free" if you earn enoughpoints in the app for referring friends and completingother challenges) to get even more automatedfunctionality out of the iPhone app. 7. Converter PlusThis all-in-one calculation app, Converter Plus, deliversnumbers on nearly everything, from currency conversionsto loan-interest figures. It converts metric to imperialmeasurements for temperature, cookingvolumes, length, and more. 8. Draw Something FreeDraw Something Free, the latest app craze, pits bothiOS and Android users in simple gesture-based drawingcompetitions. Pick a word from a list of three, draw it onyour screen with your finger using a variety of colors andbrushes, and then send it to your friend to guess whatyouve drawn. You win coins if your friend guessescorrectly. Its very simple and, like Words With Friends,the addiction lies in the robust social aspect. 9. DropboxIf your files live all over the placeyour officecomputer, home desktop, laptophaving a dependablesyncing program is a must. Dropbox, the service andproductivity tool that lets you store your files in the cloudand access them from anywhere you have a signal, fillsthat role nicely with a Dropbox iPhone app. It has a simpleinterface, easy uploading, and swift syncing across allaccounts. 10. DuolingoCould your learning a new language somehow add valueto other people all over the world? Its a strange idea, butone thats playing out when you use the free languagelearning Web app Duolingo (4 stars), which now has aniPhone app as well. As far as free, mobile apps forlanguage-learning go, the Duolingo iPhone app is easilythe best. A recent update makes your next lessonsavailable offline, so you can continue learning even whenyoure not connected to the Internet. 11. EasilyDoThe free iPhone app EasilyDo works as a personalassistant and automation machine. You connect the app toa variety of online services, like youremail, calendar, Facebook account, and so forth, and thenEasilyDo looks for things it can help you get easily done.For example, a notification might ask you if youd likeEasilyDo to add the contact details of someone who hasrecently emailed you to your address book. Or it mightspot an upcoming birthday of a friend and let you set up a"happy birthday" post to their timeline in advance. Its anamazing productivity app that helps you take care of avariety of tasks quickly and efficiently. 12. you favorite apps for FREEE! 13. ESPN Score CenterESPNs free app lets you check the game quickly, anddiscreetly when necessary (that is, with your phone underthe dinner table), for your favorite teams in more sportsthan most other apps. It can pull game data frombaseball, basketball, American football, the sport the restof the world calls football (soccer, in the U.S.), icehockey, cricket, rugby, and more. 14. EvernoteWithout the Evernote app for iPhone, Id be a lot lessproductive while Im away from my desk. Thisfree, straightforward note-making app outrivals mostcompeting apps thanks to its strong search capabilitiesand effortless organization. But the real key to its successand popularity is that Evernote synchronizes all your filesby saving them to a cloud service, meaning anything youcreate or alter from your iPhone will be there waiting foryou when you log into any other version of Evernote. I useEvernote to write, take notes, and even snap pictures ofwhiteboards and PowerPoint slides in meetings, so I canremember details later. 15. FlipboardFlipboard curates content from your social networks andwebsites you like, from magazines to blogs, and turnsthem into stunning magazine-like digital pages. Flipboardabsolutely shines on the iPad, where it first debutedbecause it takes full advantage of all the possible swipinggestures with both visual and interactive grace. On thesmaller iPhone, its still quite elegant. 16. Flow FreePuzzles make for the best kinds of mobile games, in myopinion, because you can play them for 30 seconds or 30minutes. Flow Free is one such game, with various modesthat let you solve puzzles in a timed speed test, or moreleisurely. You solve levels by connecting same-coloreddots by tracing your finger around a grid, without crosslines and at the same time filing every square on the gridwith a line. Its addictive and great for players of all ages. 17. GAIN FitnessThe iPhone app GAIN Fitness acts as a total workoutbuddy, coaching you through a fully customized exerciseroutine as often (or seldom) as you want. The free appcomes preloaded with a variety of exercises for a completebody workout, and its more than enough to keep youfrom getting bored week after week. Optional in-apppurchases can add special workouts, like yoga 18. GateGuruNo matter what app you use to book your travelarrangements or manage your frequent flier miles, youllstill want to pack GateGuru on your next trip to theairport. The free app is chockfull of suggestions andreviews pertaining to airports: food, retail, services, andeven the amount of time needed to travel between gatesand terminals. The next time youre stuck with a longlayover and no idea if you can make it to the cleanerbathrooms by Gate B7, just consult GateGuru for someadvice. 19. GmailSpeed, better search functions, and color-coded threadingmake the standalone Gmail iPhone app preferable to thebuilt-in Mail app (where you can access Gmail). GooglesGmail app gives users another choice for managing email.It allows iPhone users to decide what they want in anemail app. Do you value search capability over textdisplayed at readable sizes? Is it more important for yourvarious email accounts to be managed in one app, as Mailarranges them, or would you rather have a dedicated appjust for Gmail that looks more like Gmail on the Web, withcolor-coded threading? The Gmail app searches yourentire email so much easier and faster than the pre-installed Mail app. 20. Google SearchSearch giant Google has many excellent free apps (asevidenced by the fact that more than one is on this verylist), but its namesake search app is the one closest to itsfounding business, and thus, bursting with some prettyintense features. You can search by typing keywords, or byspeaking, or by snapping a photo, as theres a toggle forGoogle Goggles (in the settings), which lets you takephotos of books, landmarks, logos, artwork, barcodes, andmore, to find out more about them. You can also savepictures you take, and the app will scan and read any textthat appears on them as well. The Google Search app doesa lot more than just search the Internet, making it wellworth the free download. 21. Google TranslateWith more than 30 languages supported and deliveringimpressively accurate results most of the time, the GoogleTranslate app is one of the most remarkable programs youcan load onto your iPhone. Most people probably wontneed it too often, except when traveling or studying alanguage, but it can be amazingly useful in unexpectedcircumstances. 22. iHeartRadioWith the free iHeartRadio app, you can choose any one of1,500 live radio stations to stream, even if youre notwithin the radio signals reach (because it pulls from adigital feed, rather than radio signal). The app has afeature that lets you create customized "all-music"stations based on a music group you like and musicsimilar to theirs. Charge your iPhone before astorm, and, if the power goes out, you use the iHeartRadioapp to get updates from your local radio station. 23. you favorite apps for FREEE! 24. IMDb Movies & TV"What was the name of that movie the one with AllySheedy and Fisher Stevens?" The next time you cantremember the name of an actor, television show, or film(Short Circuit, by the way) IMDb saves the day. One of thehandiest reference websites on the planet, IMDb neverfails when it comes to looking up anything that has to dowith TV, film, or Hollywood. The IMDb Movies & TV appalso lets you find which movies are playing at your localcinema, and even purchase tickets. With an IMDb account(free or paid for Pro), the app provides even morefeatures, like the ability to create a watchlist of movies youwant to see. 25. KayakMuch like the full website, the Kayak iPhoneapp is one of the best travel search and booking appsyoull find. Formerly, Kayak only performed searcheswithout letting you pre-pay for flight, hotel, and carreservationsbut no more. Now, you can book throughKayak (or occasionally a partner, but still without leavingthe Kayak app), to get the best deals on airfare and manyother travel arrangements. For complex travel needs inparticular, Kayak is aces. 26. KindleRead books, magazines, and newspapers right on youriPhone without ever buying an e-reader. From within theKindle app, you can buy or download for free hundreds ofthousands of books, and more than 100 differentnewspapers and magazines. 27. LevelUpLevelUp is an iPhone and Android app that lets you makepurchases using your credit card via QR codes that theapp displays. Participating merchants simply scan the QRcode on your screen, which initiates a credit cardtransaction, and youre on your way. 28. MenuPagesThe free app and website MenuPages keeps a database ofrestaurant menus, with prices included. If youve evergritted your teeth at a restaurants online menu that omitsthe prices, try MenuPages for unbiased information.Admittedly, MenuPages is not a great app for everylocation, but in major U.S. cities, its awesome, especiallywhen Yelps recommendations seem skewed by collegestudents who give five-star ratings to fast-food burgersand less-than-fresh sushi. With MenuPages, you can makeyour own decisions about a restaurants dishes and prices.The app and website wont give you much insight intoquality, but it will help you quickly weed out places thatare too pricey or dont serve the kind of food you have inmind. Its also useful for ordering take-out. 29. Mint.comThe website and service helps you keep detailedaccounts of your finances by connecting to all yourfinancial accounts (and then some) and tracking all themoney you earn and spend. The iPhone appextends the experience so users can keep an eye on theirspending better while on the go. The app gives you deepinsight into how youre spending your money and whetheryoure sticking to the budget youve created in Mint. Itsone of the best personal finance apps youll find. 30. MozyOnline backup service Mozy lets you access all yourbacked-up files securely right from your iPhone, lettingyou essentially take your computer with you in yourpocket. Mozy, which is a freemium service, lets you readdocuments, browse photographs, play your music, andshare files anywhere you have an Internet or 3Gconnection. A MozyHome or MozyPro backup account isrequired. 31. Onavo ExtendThe free app Onavo Extend compresses data automaticallyto help you reduce data usage on your phone. In otherwords, it will save you money if you typically exceed yourmobile service plans data allotment. Additionally, anyonetraveling abroad with an iPhone should absolutely haveOnavo installed. Learn the settings well, and watch yourdata usage decrease without you having to do anythingelse. 32. ooVooOoVoo is an ambitious little app. It supports videocalls, voice calls, group video, and IM. And thats across anumber of major platformsiOS, OS X, Android, andWindows. Past experiences with video chat apps havetaught us that more features does not necessarily equal abetter experience if performance flags. Luckily, ooVoodelivers across the board. Super smooth communicationmakes this app shine. Its one of the few video chat appson which you feel like you can have a real conversation. 33. PBS Parent Play & LearnPBS Parents Play and Learn is a unique app designed tohelp parents incorporate learning activities into everydaylife. Its great for parents (and aunties, uncles, bigsisters, grandparents, baby sitters...) who want new waysto teach young kids reading and math skills. Games in theapp are recommended for ages 2 and up. This is a must-have free app for anyone who needs to entertain a childevery now and again. 34. you favorite apps for FREEE! 35. Remember the MilkOne of the draws of the to-do list maker Remember theMilk is that it works with Apples Sirion the iPhone 4Sonly. For earlier-generation phones, its still a great littleapp for keeping your tasks organized. Remember The Milkalso syncs with a bunch of major Web apps, such asOutlook, iCal, Gmail, and Google Calendar. 36. RunKeeperRunners, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone trying to shed afew pounds might know that the iPhone is an incrediblypowerful tool at helping you track your exercise. With theRunKeeper app, one of the most popular apps amongoutdoor runners in particular, you can tap into thephones GPS technology to map where youverun, jogged, or walked. (You can also manually enterinformation from indoor runs.) RunKeeper figures outmore statistics for you, like your pace, total distancecovered, and so on. All your data is synced, where you can view a history of all youractivities. The app also has a coaching feature if you wantaudio some encouragement while youre working out. 37. ShazamIf you hear a song and dont know what it is (or for the lifeof you, cant remember who sings it)Shazam to therescue! Launch Shazam and hold it as close as you can tothe speakers, then let her rip. Within a few seconds, theapp will tell you the title, artist, and sometimes even findthe album art, too. Shazam is a whiz with most radio-playsongs, new and old, originals and covers, but itoccasionally gets stumped by obscure b-sides. 38. SkypeSkype is one of the best free communication tools for theiPhone, not necessarily because of how it works, butbecause so many people have Skype accounts.The app letsyou make both video and audio-only calls, as well as chatwith other Skype users at no charge. If you buy Skypecredit, you can also call any other phone number, landlineor mobile. 39. Slacker RadioWhen I ask my colleagues at PCMag which musicstreaming service they like best, someone alwaysmentions Slacker Radio, and everyone elses heads startnodding. The same outstanding service youll find inSlacker Radios online version is on the iPhone and hasbeen for a long enough time for the company to havemassaged the interface and performance to the point thatyou can appreciate it audibly. 40. Square WalletSquare Wallet is a mobile payment app from a companycalled Square that makes another product/service, alsoknown simply as Square, which small businesses can useto turn their iPads into credit card processing machines.Any merchant that uses Square can accept payments fromwallet-less app-lovers, like myself, who carry SquareWallet on their smartphones. What makes Square Walletunique is its available at a lot of small businesses, fromboutique shops to independent coffee houses, unlikeGoogle Wallet (only available on select Android devices),which is mostly supported in large, corporate chain stores. 41. Smart ContactsNeed to find a specific person in your network in a hurry?Smartr Contacts provides great search functionality acrossyour many address books, including your iPhoneContacts, Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts, and Gmail.The iPhone app Smartr Contacts hooks into all thosedifferent contact lists, and its designed to be more usefulfor searching rather than browsing. 42. Stitcher RadioIf, like me, you have not been with the way Apple brokeout podcast functionality from its Music and iTunes appsand into its own Podcast app, then Stitcher Radio is anapp for you. Its a great alternative for keeping up with allyour audio shows. You can stream your shows ordownload them for offline listening. Youll hear theoccasional advertisement and see small ads on somescreens, but not too often. 43. StumbleUponStumbleUpon, one of the most sophisticated and fun waysto explore new content on the Web, delivers an excellentexperience on the iPhone, if you can cope with theinherent limitations of the small screen. Without a nativemobile-optimized viewing option, its a little less thanideal on the iPhone. 44. SugarSyncOne of our favorite file-syncing services, SugarSync addedan iPhone app to its offering in 2011. SugarSync gives youaccess to your files from a multitude of devices, no matterif you store them on your laptop at home, desktopcomputer at the office, tablet, and so on. You can useSugarSync to stream music, back-up photos, collaborateon projects, and more. 45. you favorite apps for FREEE! 46. TED by TED ConferencesTEDs tagline is "Ideas worth spreading," and what betterway to spread the ideas from this series of education,explorative, and motivational talks than by carrying themwith you wherever you go. TED once was a highlyexclusive conference, closed off even to most press, andthe organizations greatest accomplishment to date hasbeen to open up the knowledge that comes from itsspeakers by making videos of their presentations andperformances available online to the public. This officialTED app works for both iPhone and iPad. If youreunfamiliar with TED, give Jill Bolte Taylors stroke ofinsight presentation a try. Youll be hooked. 47. Trainyard ExpressIn this captivating iPhone game from indie developer MattRix, players lay down tracks to guide trains from theirstarting points to the stations, sometimes merging withother trains along the way. Trains, starting points, andstations are color-coded. Red trains must end up in redgoal stations. A blue train can merge with a red train tobecome a purple one before it reaches a purple station. Asthe difficulty increases, the number of trains alsoincreases, as well as the number of objectives in each level.Trainyard Express is an absolutely addictive and funpuzzle game for players of all ages. 48. TwitterIf you tweet, download the free Twitter app. If you donttweet and have been on the fence about joining themasses, the iPhone app makes it easy and convenient toget on board the 140-character social network, or justwatch what others discuss on the site without actuallyparticipating if you prefer to be a silent lurker. Its truethat since iOS 5, a lot of Twitter functionality is nowdirectly integrated into the iPhone so you can tweetphotos or links that you want to share with greater ease.But you still need the Twitter app (or another Twitterclient) to read tweets, see when other people mentionyou, and fully participate in the social experience. 49. Voxer Walkie-Talkie PPTIf you tweet, download the free Twitter app. If you donttweet and have been on the fence about joining themasses, the iPhone app makes it easy and convenient toget on board the 140-character social network, or justwatch what others discuss on the site without actuallyparticipating if you prefer to be a silent lurker. Its truethat since iOS 5, a lot of Twitter functionality is nowdirectly integrated into the iPhone so you can tweetphotos or links that you want to share with greater ease.But you still need the Twitter app (or another Twitterclient) to read tweets, see when other people mentionyou, and fully participate in the social experience. 50. UntappdBeer enthusiasts have flocked to Untappd to keep track ofthe brews they drink and their tasting notes. The app alsolets you save beers youd like to try, see reviews from otherbeer fans, look up nearby watering holes, and more. Theapp itself could use some improvement, but thecommunity and database of brews is fantastic and make itone of the best apps a hobbyist beer-drinking can have. 51. WebMDWebMD is much more than a diagnosis app, although youcertainly can use it to input symptoms you areexperiencing and find some clues as to whats ailing you. Italso contains listings for healthcare professionals andpharmacies in your area, as well as first-aid guidessimple instructions for dealing with an emergency thateveryone should have accessible to them at any time. Thisfree reference app is one you hope you dont need, but themoment you do, youll be glad you downloaded it. 52. WikipediaHalf the fun of having a smartphone is looking things upwhen youre in the middle of a bar betand hopefullyproving yourself right. Wikipedia is the go-to source forfact-checking in the mobile age, and the Wikipedia appusually returns results faster than a mobile search engine. 53. Yahoo! AxisYahoo! Axis brings a refreshing and desirable new take onWeb search, getting rid of the middle man, those peskylink-filled result pages. The implementation of this newidea still needs more sanding and buffing, but Pinterestusers will find its better for pinning than the social sitesown mobile app. Yahoo! Axis includes a Pin It buttonbookmarklet directly in the browser for all your mobilepinning needs. 54. YelpThe most comprehensive review app, Yelp turns out to bean invaluable tool for finding businesses nearby,especially when youre in a town you dont know well.Yelps mobile app has helped me find a hairdresser when Iwas in a pinch in Washington DC, and a suitable lunchwhile driving through Ohio (shout-out to MorelandHills!). Need to find an acupuncturist in Austin? Or themost popular coffee shop in Charlotte (emphasis on"popular" and not necessarily "best," by the way)? Yelpsthe app to do it. 55. YouTubeFormerly, YouTube came preinstalled on iPhones, butthats no longer the case. If you buy a new iPhone5 $435.49 at AT&T, youll want to install the YouTube appso that you can get quick access to all kinds of videos, frommovie trailers to tutorials. Ive relied on YouTube on myiPhone to figure out so many things in life that I am tooembarrassed to ask someone else to teach me, from howto install additional RAM on my laptop to how to knit inthe round. I thank my lucky stars its free. 56. you favorite apps for FREEE!