Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Your First Interior Design Project

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<ul><li> 1. TOP 5 WAYS TO PREPARE FOR YOUR FIRST INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT </li></ul> <p> 2. Introduction Have you bought your first home? Are you attempting to redecorate for the first time ever without professional help? Being your own interior designer is can be an affordable, rewarding and deeply personal experience because you are making your own visions for your home come to life first hand. Here we will discuss the top five ways to be the best interior designer you can be. 3. 1. Existing Design Elements &amp; Your Vision Naturally, working with the design elements that your home already came with is the most affordable way to jumpstart your project. Are the floors polished concrete, inviting you to maintain the ultra modern direction they are sending you in? Contrarily, if you love ultra modern but your floors are rustic wooden, you may run into a clashing of design elements. 4. 1. Existing Design Elements &amp; Your Vision Your best bet is to expand on elements that are already in place. Your other option is to budget carefully for the removal of the flooring, tiling, carpeting or doors that are incongruent with your vision. 5. 2. Maximize Your Budget This practice is good for your wallet. If you know the design that you want, make sure to look around at the different materials. More often than not you are able to find deals on textures and styles that you have fallen in love with if you dont jump on the purchase right away. 6. 2. Maximize Your Budget If you are looking to save even more money, tons of building materials and architectural elements that are almost new or gently used with lots of life left in them are removed from their first homes annually for recycling. By buying used, you are potentially opening yourself to top quality products that might otherwise be beyond your budget. 7. 3. The Use Of The Room Are you going for cozy? Are you decorating for a toddler who will eventually grow into a school-aged kid? For every room that you are designing, make a list of descriptive words that you would like the finished product to reflect and purchase design elements that reflect these descriptions. For example, if you would like a given room to feel "luxurious", you might choose drapery constructed generously of flowing velvet with tassels. 8. 4. Balance The Design Elements Whether you are a couple or an individual, there is a balanced combination of masculine and feminine energy, within us all. A healthy home is going to reflect the total combination of polarity. Balance hardwood floors with soft lambskin rugs. Balance a living room used strictly for having guests over with a den that the whole family can get rowdy in. 9. 5. Create A Feeling of Positive Energy Did you know that the very direction and placement of furniture can drastically affect how energy flows throughout the house? Did you know that a home with elements in energetic alignment can boost your mood and feelings of mental clarity? Whether you consult a Feng Shui manual or a professional, your home is sure to benefit. 10. 6. Hire An Interior Designer Dont forget, if you are in doubt there is nothing wrong with hiring a professional. If you find yourself lost and unsure how to proceed, or if you would like to work with someone to get the most out of your living space, an experienced interior designer can help! </p>