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Top 4 Ways to Gain Repeat Customers


Every customer that walks in your business doors is valuable, but those customers that walk in more than once are the most valuable. Earning repeat business is the key to gaining customer loyalty and strengthening your brand.

Here are the top 4 ways to earn those precious repeat customers:

1. Collect Customer Data

Start off right the first time a customer makes a purchase at your business by collecting their data. Collecting data such as their name, birthday, email and phone number will help you contact them later with special offers, loyalty reward programs and birthday offers. Eventually, this data will become your bread and butter as you grow your rolodex of customers to work with.

2. Maintain Contact and Engagement Your interaction with your customers does not end when they walk out of the doorit is only the beginning. Send your customers periodic emails with notification of flash sales or eventsthis will make the customer feel valued and entice them to return to your store. Engage with them on social media such as Twitter or Facebook. Answer any questions they have and respond with thanksgiving to any positive comments they may have. This will make you appear engaged and supportive of your customer feedback.

3. Ask for FeedbackNo one is perfect, and when you admit that to your customers by asking for feedback, your business will seem more human and relatable. The best way to do this is by offering a private forum for your customers to provide feedback. How was their shopping experience? Did they enjoy the store atmosphere? Were the salespeople warm and friendly? Answers to these questions can help you improve your business and make your customers feel that they can contribute.

4. Loyalty ProgramsPerhaps the most obvious (and simplest) way to earn repeat business is by offering a loyalty reward program. This could be as easy as giving customers a frequent customer punch card that gives them a percentage off when they reach a certain number of punches. This way, when customers are deciding where to purchase their next meal or outfit, they will be more inclined to visit your store because they have incentive to do so.

Your customers keep your business afloat and with a few simple tweaks, you could maximize your customer base and use them to increase your revenue, build your customer loyalty and strengthen your brand.


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