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Your hotel website needs to be as inviting as your property. Include all relevant and important information, make booking fast and easy, and most importantly keep it stylish and simple. Check out these website dos and don'ts and start improving your service.


<ul><li> 1. WAYS YOUR HOTEL WEBSITE IS KILLING YOUR BUSINESS </li></ul> <p> 2. YOU TREAT EVERY WEBSITE VISITOR THE SAMEBusiness travelers expect and need different treatment than couples seeking a romantic weekend getaway. Simple new technology allows you to personalize the arrival experience and engage with the most relevant message and offer.1 3. YOU TREAT EVERY BOOKING ENGINE VISITOR THE SAMEBased on a visitors previousclickstreambehavior and demographics, the booking environment should adapt to their profile preventing reservation abandonment, increasing your conversion &amp; raising your actual ADR.2 4. YOUVE NEVER ACTUALLY WATCHED A HUMAN TEST ITAmazing things happen when you ask unbiased users (no, not your spouse!) to actually sit down and try using/booking on your site. CheckoutUserTesting.comfor cheap, demographically- relevant testers.3 5. YOUR PRICING IS CONFUSINGVisitors to your online booking environment expect fast, simple, smooth transactions. Travel consumers will surf away from your site at the smallest hint of pricing friction, lack of price parity or complexity. Make sure the booking environment is monitored &amp; frequently tested!4 6. YOU HAVE NO SEO FOUNDATIONYour link structure, site map andmicrodataneed to be carefully reviewed and crafted by real SEO practitioners to compete with the OTAs and your compsetfor high Google rankings.5 7. YOU FAIL TO SHOWCASE YOUR SPECIAL PROMOSFlash sale and deal-of- the-day players have made travel consumers less loyal and more price-conscious than ever before. Fight Back! Showcase your best offers prominently not only on your website, but also across all your digital channels: mobile, search, social &amp; email to past guests.6 8. YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY IS BORINGOn the web, people look at images first and read only if they like what they SEE! Every property deserves to look its best to engage website viewers, regardless of locality or luxury. Hire the best photographer you can afford and a stylist. This investment will come back many times over.7 9. YOU FAIL TO DELIGHT MEETING/EVENT PLANNERSDo you have content to engage these demanding folks? 360 videos of your facilities? Diagrams and spatial dimensions of the meeting rooms? Photos of previous events? Sample menus? Maps to nearby entertainment venues? All these and more will make the difference between getting a lead or missing out on lucrative business.8 10. YOU ARE NOT OPTIMIZED FOR ALL DEVICESIf your website is not utilizing fully responsive website design best practices (ie, auto- reconfiguring itself depending on the screen size of the visitor) you are losing bookings. Recent data shows exponential growth in tablet bookings, so make sure your tablet experience has been vetted, optimized and tested.9 11. YOU ARE OVERSPENDING ON TRAFFIC UNTIL YOU FIX CONVERSIONSHotel owners and their marketing teams would be better served by focusing instead on CONVERTING a higher percentage of their existing visitor stream, no matter how small it is. There are important new innovations and techniques available to catapult your website conversion and capture more direct revenue.10 12. FOR MORE TIPS ON IMPROVING YOUR HOTEL WEBSITEVisit the Tambourine Website&amp; Blogat</p>