Top 10 Things All REALTORS Should be Doing

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Top 10 Things All REALTORS Should Be Doing to Maximize Business Success

#1.Provide one-of-a-kind serviceSeparate yourself by providing a superior, memorable service experience. Use a CRM for Realtors to stay organized and enhance your clients experience. With a CRM, you can generate service reports to keep your clients updated on all the work youve done for them.

#2. Continue to provide value to past clientsJust because the transaction is over doesnt mean the relationship with your client should be as well.Staying top of mind = referrals and repeat business and providing value over time.One great way to remain top of mind and provide value is with yourreal estate CRMs professionally written and designedmonthly


3. Respond in a timely mannerRespond to leads within an hour. Studies have shown that fast response time is critical. Being the first Realtor to get back to a prospect = the best chance of securing the business. Get your CRM to send you an email alert as soon as a lead comes through your website.Get your CRM to automatically assign the lead to a drip marketing campaign.

#4. Stay in touch with your databaseStaying in touch is the cornerstone to building a referrals-based business. Take a multi-channel approach = quarterly keep in touch calls and direct mail to your best clients, plan events, such as client appreciation days and home expert seminars.Make use of your Realtor CRMs powerful drip marketing capabilities and professionally designed e-Newsletter.

#5. Have the proper tools to stay organizedNot organized? Then youre not proactive and cant provide superior service to your clients. A real estate CRM is like having your very own personal assistant.The CRM will let you store documents like contracts and buyer or seller agreements, assignActivity Plansto your listings and closings so nothing falls through the cracks, get automatic prompts and reminders, manage all of your active business, and more.

#6. Present yourself well on your REALTOR website60% of buyers Googled their real estate agent. Do you have a professional website for prospects to find online?Catch your prospects eye, showcase your valuable knowledge, and display your listings with style online.Stay better organized by capturing leads automatically from your website into your

#7. Automatically capture all leads into your Realtor CRMLeads coming from different places (your Realtor website, Zillow, Trulia, etc.) = hard to manage, time-consuming to manually input into your database.All of your leads should automatically flow into your real estate CRM. This way, theyll be in one centralized location and you can assign them to a drip marketing campaign or add them to your e-Newsletter distribution

#8. Keep your wordDid you say youre going to meet at a certain time? Send someone an email? Call them back? When you make a commitment, you need to make sure that commitment is fulfilled. If not, youre eroding any trust and credibility you had (which is hard to build back up) and it lowers the overall service experience clients have with you.

#9. Get personalGet to know your clients and their lives so you can build a deeper, more meaningful connection. Your CRM will have fields to record all the important client information. Next time youre on the phone with a client, youll be able to start the conversation offby asking about something relevant to their life (perhaps the daughters upcoming wedding)

#10. Ask for feedbackFeedback helps you improve the service you provide down the road. Negative feedback is especially valuable in helping you develop and perfect your skills moving forward.Explain to clients that you build your business by providing great service and encourage them to be honest with you when providing feedback.Remember to thank the client for their feedback, regardless of if its positive or negative. This can be a great way to move the conversation to asking for referrals.

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