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<p>Top 10 Online Marketing Strategies</p> <p>Top 10 Online Marketing Strategies</p> <p>2016 was a year that was, more or less, defined by the emergence or extreme popularity of digital marketing. The likes of changes made in social media along with the rising prominence of video marketing gave marketers a completely new way of branding their products. Now that the New Year has begun, we are in a perfect position to wipe off the board of everything and write down a new set of rules and strategies that should be followed for the rest of the days of the year. So, what are those ten online marketing strategies that would help your brand to propel to new heights? Well, let us look at them one by one, in no particular order:</p> <p>Voice based SEO</p> <p>We are sure that you may have seen this coming because, with the launch of Google Home, which is here to compete with Amazons Echo, a hands-free search is only going to become more prominent. The outdated searching style of typing and reading has certainly become outdated. With all of the new home devices being equipped with speech recognition features; it will certainly take over search engines by storm. For now, Google Voice searches are still kept in a black box, but seeing the prominence of these searches, marketers will soon start asking Google for it because it is the one for the future.</p> <p>Getting Used To the Ad-Blocking App</p> <p>With over 200 million desktop users and 400 million mobile users employing ad-blocking technology, 2017 only promises a major surge in their usage. The marketers in this modern era would have to come up with new strategies to tackle it down instead of fretting about it. It will only prove to be a lot wiser if the marketers start adapting to the new reality and mold their ways to suit the needs of today, and one way to do so is by diversifying media mix.</p> <p>The Return of Chatbots</p> <p>In the past, Chatbots came in the form of AIM chatterbots, which had a sole purpose of entertaining bored teenagers. These earlier type of chatbots came with the little functionality of their own and had a harsh robotic feel that helped them in being noticed. However, this year, chatterbots are going to be a lot different as a lot of hours have been spent re-designing them to ensure that they remain in the game for a longer period.</p> <p>As Google, Dominos and Taco Bell are already making use of the software; it is just a matter of time before other companies will start following and employing chatterbots. Therefore, marketers, to remain ahead in the game, need to collaborate with the makers of chatbots and seek out a strategy to market their products, keeping the changing trends in mind.</p> <p>The Real Time SocialIt was in early 2016 when Facebook introduced Live Videos as a new way of marketing your product. With Mark Zuckerberg being very confident about it, there was not much chance of it failing. Do you agree?Well, this certainly had been the case as the new feature was met with great appreciation and did fulfill the promise that it came with. As per the statistics, the chances of a user watching live videos are three times higher than watching the pre-recorded ones. Therefore, as a marketer, you should make sure that you include videos as an important part of your marketing campaign for this year.</p> <p>Data Visualization</p> <p>Have you ever considered including data visualization as one of your ways to market your content? Well, if you have not had the opportunity to do so, now might be the time to change that. With people finding it hectic to go through an entire article or blog, they have recently turned their attention towards data visualization and this is exactly the place where you can hit them!</p> <p>Expect Big Changes in Search Algorithm</p> <p>You may not like it, but it is the reality. Changes in search algorithms are something that you will have to deal with no matter what! With an endless amount of information being added to the internet every second, it is has become quite important for the search engines to keep on updating and changing their algorithms so that they can only show a customer what he needs. Therefore, marketers will need to be wary of this throughout this New Year.</p> <p>A Question on View Ability Has Become a Thing Of The Past </p> <p>In the past years, marketers have always shown concern regarding their ads being placed in the right space, which ensured that they would be successful in reaching their target audience. With click fraud being a thing of the past, marketers can now focus solely on their ad campaign because 2017 will be the year to focus more on optimization beyond viewing ability.</p> <p>Quality of the Content Will Matter More Than Ever </p> <p>The essential part of online marketing is the content which in most cases is referred to as The King in the digital world. For the marketers, it is highly important to focus on this key area as it will remain an essential area in the digital marketing industry, and in the near future, its importance is only going to grow!</p> <p>Re-branding the Mobile Experience</p> <p>It is no longer safe to say that a mobile website is enough to achieve the sales target that your company has set out for the year. With increasing competition in this industry, marketers will need to realize that they have to offer their customers more than just a website. They need to offer them a well-built and optimized app. Having said that, your customers will also need a bit of convincing as to why they should download your mobile app. To tackle the competition, you will also need to come up with some fine incentives along with unique offerings and benefits.</p> <p>Expiring Content</p> <p>Snapchat, in 2012, totally revolutionized the way we looked at content because, before that, expiring content was only a thing to laugh about. Moreover, in 2017, it is expected that this thing will kick off on the web media as well. Therefore, you may have to come up with a few strategies to withstand this new challenge. </p> <p>For more update, visit us</p>