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  • 1. #1 Mobile DevicesMobile devices will pass PCs to be the most useful source of Internet.

2. #2 Mobile Apps with HTML5As of Jan 2013,Android has 800,000apps and the AppleStore has 775,000.This number isexpected tocontinue to growexponentially.Theres an app for that! 3. #3 Hybrid CloudMid-market and Enterprise companies need to be able to access theirdata easily and securely from anywhere. The hybrid cloud allowscompanies to have private and public access. 4. #4 One Person, One InternetThe Internet is cluttered! Companies will need to start using high-tech tools for Internet management, which will require less internalmanagement. 5. #5 Data SourcesCompanies arecontinually increasingthe amount of datathey have available attheir fingertips frommany differentsources. 6. #6 In-Memory ComputingIn-Memory Computing will allow companies to speed up theirimplementation and make sure their systems and data are real-time. 7. #7 Application StoresLarge companies will start to have their ownapp stores for their internal employees. Thiswill help IT departments ensure employees areputting safe apps on their work devices 8. #8 Virtual AppliancesVirtual Appliances allow companiesquick deployment without having toworry about capability issues orinteractions with other servers 9. #9 SecuritySecurity has been and continues tobe a main focus. Companies willbe looking for the best solutions toincrease the safety of theircompany and data 10. #10 GamificationGamification continues to be a valuedtechnique to determine user behaviorsand continued product developmentbased on on these learned behaviors. 11. Contact UsTo Find Out More About SalesQuest,home of,CRUSH Reports and CRUSH AlertsVisit Us at:www.salesquest.cominfo@salesquest.comor call:978.749.9999 x104