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Have or bringing an Iphone to Israel? Here are some apps that may be of interest.


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    Have or bringing an Iphone to Israel? Here are some apps that may be of interest.

    Yellowsn0w - This app will provide software unlock for your Iphone 3G. This is required in order for the

    Iphone to operate on one of the Israeli Carriers. The unlock currently works on firmware version 2.2. Be

    sure not to upgrade your firmware if you want the unlock to work on your phone. To download the file,

    add to your cydia sources.

    FuzzyBase- In the event you accidentally upgraded your firmware to 2.2.1, this app can help you

    downgrade the Modem Baseband to re-enable to software lock. FuzzyBase can be found on Cydia.

    Skype- the Skype client is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family around the world. Skype

    offers unlimited country and world plans. Skype can be downloaded from the App Store.

    Fring- This application provides interfaces to your Skype account and other Instant Messaging and Social

    Networking sites. Fring can be downloaded for free at the App Store.

    Tricker ThreeG- This application will allow you to use Skype, Fring and Slingbox over your 3G connection

    on your Iphone. You will no longer be confined to using Wi-Fi for these apps. You can find this app on


    Backgrounder- Allows you to keep an Iphone application running after you exit the application. This app

    is really helpful for keeping Skype running for inbound calls. This app can be downloaded from Cydia.

    HebDict- This Hebrew/English dictionary is an add-on to "wedict" which can be found on the App Store.

    HebDict can be downloaded using Cydia.

    IphoneHE- This app provides Hebrew Support for the Iphone. It can be downloaded via Cydia by adding

    the following source

    IsraelMoney- This app can be downloaded for free at the appstore. It will provide current exchange

    rates of the Shekel to foreign currencies.

  • PocketLuach- This app is available for purchase through the appstore. It provides a Hebrew Calendar

    along with zmanim, sefirah counts and a siddur.

    What are your favorite Iphone Apps? Feel free to comment on this blog.