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Have or bringing an Iphone to Israel? Here are some apps that may be of interest.


<ul><li><p>Reprinted from </p><p>Have or bringing an Iphone to Israel? Here are some apps that may be of interest. </p><p>Yellowsn0w - This app will provide software unlock for your Iphone 3G. This is required in order for the </p><p>Iphone to operate on one of the Israeli Carriers. The unlock currently works on firmware version 2.2. Be </p><p>sure not to upgrade your firmware if you want the unlock to work on your phone. To download the file, </p><p>add to your cydia sources. </p><p>FuzzyBase- In the event you accidentally upgraded your firmware to 2.2.1, this app can help you </p><p>downgrade the Modem Baseband to re-enable to software lock. FuzzyBase can be found on Cydia. </p><p>Skype- the Skype client is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family around the world. Skype </p><p>offers unlimited country and world plans. Skype can be downloaded from the App Store. </p><p>Fring- This application provides interfaces to your Skype account and other Instant Messaging and Social </p><p>Networking sites. Fring can be downloaded for free at the App Store. </p><p>Tricker ThreeG- This application will allow you to use Skype, Fring and Slingbox over your 3G connection </p><p>on your Iphone. You will no longer be confined to using Wi-Fi for these apps. You can find this app on </p><p>Cydia. </p><p>Backgrounder- Allows you to keep an Iphone application running after you exit the application. This app </p><p>is really helpful for keeping Skype running for inbound calls. This app can be downloaded from Cydia. </p><p>HebDict- This Hebrew/English dictionary is an add-on to "wedict" which can be found on the App Store. </p><p>HebDict can be downloaded using Cydia. </p><p>IphoneHE- This app provides Hebrew Support for the Iphone. It can be downloaded via Cydia by adding </p><p>the following source </p><p>IsraelMoney- This app can be downloaded for free at the appstore. It will provide current exchange </p><p>rates of the Shekel to foreign currencies. </p></li><li><p>PocketLuach- This app is available for purchase through the appstore. It provides a Hebrew Calendar </p><p>along with zmanim, sefirah counts and a siddur. </p><p>What are your favorite Iphone Apps? Feel free to comment on this blog. </p><p>Contact </p><p> </p><p> </p><p>052.466.7378 </p></li></ul>