top 10 highest paying jobs in saudi arabia

Top 10 highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia Report by:

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Top 10 highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia

Report by:

With the highest and increasing oil revenues Saudi Arab has become the favorite destination for job seekers. Jobs of every field is available in Saudi Arabia due to progressive infrastructure. In every field payroll is more than any other country of the world. Quality of living in Saudi Arabia is good and cheap.Millions of job openings are recorded every month in here and some of these jobs are most paying jobs in Saudi Arabia. These are not the only highest paying jobs there can be jobs which pay more than these but these are common jobs in Saudi Arab and high in demand.

Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum Engineers can earn up to $80,000.

CEO’s and General Managers

The top most salary was recorded to be $33,000, which is the salary of an average CEO of a Multinational company in Saudi Arab.

Medical ProfessionMedical Surgeons can earn up to 29,000$ in Saudi Arabia.

Banking and Finance IndustryBanking industry pays their accounts managers and analyzers up to 16,000$ per month.

IT IndustryIT manager can earn 12,000$ per month in Saudi Arabia.

Construction and Project management

They can earn up to 11,900$ per month.

Media and Public Relations

These managers can earn up to 11,000$ a month.

Ads and Creative DesigningThese developers, advertising and creative designers earn up to 10,900$.

Real state Dealers

These dealers are also high in demand and can earn 10,600$ in a month.


English TeachingThese English Teachers are in high demand in Saudi Arab and they can earn 3000$ per month.

These are some of the highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia. Some jobs are more highly paid than these but these are most common and easily available jobs in Saudi Arabia.

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