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<ul><li><p>8/10/2019 Tipsheet 13 Things to Do Every Workday Morning</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Green Dragon Books12 S. Dixie Hwy., Ste 203, Lake Worth FL, 33460</p><p>Tel. 561-533-6231; Fax. 561-533-6233</p><p>!ail i"#o$%ree"&amp;ra%o"'ook(.)o!</p><p>TIPSHEET: 13 Things Successful People Do In The First 10 inutes !f The"ork#a$</p><p>How yo* ha"&amp;le the #ir(t 10 !i"*te( o# yo*r work&amp;ay )a" lar%ely &amp;eter!i"e how +ro&amp;*)ti e a"&amp; e##e)ti eyo* ll 'e the re(t o# the &amp;ay.</p><p>1% The$ reflect% </p><p>)hie i"% yo*r 'e(t re(*lt( re/*ire( yo* to re#le)t o" where yo* e 'ee", where yo* are, a"&amp;where yo* re %oi"%. S*))e((#*l +eo+le '*il&amp; i" /*iet ti!e a"&amp; (olit*&amp;e to &amp;o thi( #ir(t thi"%. Theya(k the!(el e( What &amp;i&amp; a))o!+li(h towar&amp; !y %oal( (o #ar thi( week - or la(t week Whati( the (tat*( o# !y )*rre"t +ro e)t( What &amp;o "ee&amp; to a))o!+li(h to&amp;ay i" li%ht o# thi(</p><p>&amp;% The$ take a 'o'ent to pause an# (e present% </p><p>Thi( !ay (o*"&amp; ery *&amp;&amp;ha-like, '*t it ( i!+orta"t. # yo* arri e a"&amp; walk i"to a t*!*lt*o*((it*atio" with +ho"e( ri"%i"% a"&amp; +eo+le )la!'eri"% to (ee yo*, yo* r*" the ri(k o# (tarti"% o##o" the wro"% #oot, %etti"% &amp;eraile&amp; 'oth e!otio"ally a"&amp; ti!e-wi(e, a"&amp; letti"% other +eo+le (etthe a%e"&amp;a #or yo*. e"teri"% yo*r(el# a"&amp; 'ei"% #*lly +re(e"t will hel+ !ake (*re yo* !a"a%ethe &amp;ay ahea&amp;, rather tha" allowi"% it to !a"a%e yo*.</p><p>3% The$ get co'forta(le% </p><p>S*))e((#*l +eo+le take a !i"*te at the 'e%i""i"% o# the work&amp;ay to !ake (*re their )hair i(a&amp; *(te&amp; +ro+erly a"&amp; the ite!( they #re/*e"tly a))e(( - key'oar&amp;, +ho"e, )o!+*ter !o*(e -are all i" )o!#orta'le rea)h. 7o*r &amp;ay will %o well i# yo* ha e a" er%o"o!i) e" iro"!e"t that (#*")tio"al.</p><p>)% The$ re*ie+ their to,#o list- 'ake necessar$ a#.ust'ents- an# 'entall$ 'ap outtheir #a$%</p><p>Thi( hel+( the! re!e!'er the "ee&amp; to (ti)k to the +la" a"&amp; #o)*( o" the thi"%( that are tr*ly</p><p>i!+orta"t, a"&amp; "ot (i!+ly *r%e"t. 8e"tally r*""i"% thro*%h their &amp;ay al(o hel+( (*))e((#*l+eo+le i(*ali9e (*))e((. t )a" al(o hel+ yo* (ee where +ote"tial )halle"%e( !ay lie with howyo* e ()he&amp;*le&amp; yo*r &amp;ay, (o yo* )a" !ake a&amp; *(t!e"t(.</p><p>/% The$ prioriti e% </p><p> +o(iti e o*t)o!e o# (o!e 'i% +i)t*re re#le)tio" i( the a'ility to 'etter +rioriti9e yo*r to &amp;oite!(. :o 'eyo"&amp; *(t !aki"% a li(t, a"&amp; )halle"%e yo*r(el# to )reate a reali(ti) hierar)hy #oryo*r +ro e)t(.</p></li><li><p>8/10/2019 Tipsheet 13 Things to Do Every Workday Morning</p><p> 2/2</p><p>% The$ stretch- stan#- an# +alk% </p><p>S*))e((#*l +eo+le !ake (*re to (tret)h a"&amp; %et their )ir)*latio" %oi"% 'e#ore they %et i"to a(e&amp;e"tary (itti"% +o(itio". o"(i&amp;er walki"% or (ta"&amp;i"% i" the #ir(t #ew !i"*te( o# yo*rwork&amp;ay.</p><p>2% The$ take ti'e to greet their tea'%</p><p>i(iti"% a"&amp; )he)ki"% i" with yo*r 'o(( a"&amp; tea! will hel+ yo*r(el# and other( ki)k(tart the &amp;ay.To a&amp; a")e i" yo*r )areer, yo* *(t )a" t (ki!+ o" yo*r +eo+le (kill(. ei"% #rie"&amp;ly #ir(t thi"% i"the !or"i"% !ake( the work+la)e !ore +lea(a"t #or e eryo"e - a"&amp; yo*r h*!a"i(ti) a++roa)hwill 'e )o"ta%io*(.</p><p>% The$ take a te'perature rea# of their staff4co+orkers% </p><p>Stro"% !a"a%er( take a !o!e"t i" the !or"i"% to talk 'rie#ly with their (ta## to e"(*re they(ee! e"%a%e&amp; a"&amp; !oti ate&amp;. # thi"%( (ee! awry, they are 'e(t ta)kle&amp; later o" i" the &amp;ay .</p><p>5% The$ organi e their +orkspace area% </p></li></ul>


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