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Aula Virtual de Español. Tina Gunnarsson. How to join?. You enter: http ://estocolmo.cervantes.es / You click on AVE. Right level?. D iagnostic test ( A1 – C1 ) Cost is 495 SEK/course Code is valid for 4 months. Logging on. Choose your language Enter code - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Aula Virtual de Espaol

Tina Gunnarsson

Aula Virtual de EspaolHow to join?

You enter: http://estocolmo.cervantes.es/

You click on AVE

Right level?Diagnostic test (A1 C1)Cost is 495 SEK/courseCode is valid for 4 months

Logging onChoose your languageEnter codeYou receive a welcome message

Your platform

List of resourcesResults Messaging toolsForums and chatLogos are linksEntering your courseContents pageDifferent themesExtra materials

Extra materialsExercisesIntonation, the alphabetMore interactive exercisesWebpagesExplanations of grammar and expressions (pragmatics)

Entering the first themeContents page Sections containing different grammatical elements/vocabulary/expressionsFinal task

Entering first sectionContents pageYellow marker = different exercisesTo enter click on the first yellow marker

Exercise windowObservation/explanationName of courseAll sections listedNext buttonTools in the margin

ToolsHighlighted when availableKeyboardPrint outRepeatSolutionTranslate (!!!)Help



FeedbackCorrect answers turn greenErrors are highlighted then disappearWritten tasks are sent in to tutor All work can be printed out/stored

Hick-ups/Flaws Images Sound quality Design No backspacing for typos Solution for one/solutions for allObservations cannot be pausedExercises difficult to understandTranslation is not provided for everythingDifficult to log off

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