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Timeless Motivational Quotes Susan Wright-Boucher

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Wise words can help us focus on better things and boost energy reserves. Who doesn't need a little boost every once in a while? These quotes work for me. Enjoy. PS - All the photos are from the greater Vancouver area.


Timeless Motivational


Susan Wright-Boucher

"What matters most ishow well you walkthrough the fire."

Charles Bukowski

S. Wright-Boucher

"Working hard for something wedon't care about is called stress.Working hard for something welove is called passion."

Simon Sinek

S. Wright-Boucher

"Leadership is lifting aperson’s vision to high sights,the raising of a person’sperformance to a higherstandard, the building of apersonality beyond its normallimitations." Peter Drucker

S. Wright-Boucher

"Just get started andlearn as you go. Actioncreates courage, andmomentum keeps yougoing." Larry Winget

S. Wright-Boucher

"Inspiration exists, butit has to find youworking."

Pablo Picasso

S. Wright-Boucher

A diamond is just a pieceof coal that handlesstress exceptionally well.

author unknown

S. Wright-Boucher

"A leader has the visionand conviction that adream can be achieved. Heinspires the power andenergy to get it done."

Ralph NaderS. Wright-Boucher

"A mind stretched by newexperiences can never goback to its old dimensions." Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

S. Wright-Boucher

"The greatest danger formost of us is not that ouraim is too high and wemiss it, but that it is toolow and we reach it."


S. Wright-Boucher

All photos by Susan Wright-Boucher