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Three - Dance Pony Dance Presentation


  • 1. Why this campaign? Interesting to see a brand jest with its own campaign Humorous and informative of the brands identity Use of social networks for marketing and customer engagement Its just brilliant!

2. Why did Three do such a campaign? Create communications which would grow brand consideration and build engagement Margret Burke (Director of Brand & Communications Three) All that seemingly stupid, funny and downright daft stuff we look at online on a daily basis its not silly at all. Its this stuff that we pass around, that we share, that connects us to one another. We wanted to do more than just hold up a mirror to all the crazy stuff online. We wanted to actually contribute to it and a moonwalking pony felt like something that people on the internet would gravitate towards - Creative Team at Widen + KennedyThree Case Study, The Drum & Marketing Week 3. To further inspire these little acts of sharing, weve also created The Pony Mixer, a dancing-pony-remixing tool where you can make a pony shake it to anything from Boyband to Bollywood. The creations can be unleashed on the world via Facebook or Twitter and people who take part will be celebrated in 30-second national TV 4. High levels of people watching the full AdOver 7 million views on original videoOver 1.5 million ponies generated 67% of people in UK exposed95% of people shared the content themselves 33% of the views took place through a mobile device YouTube drove 17% of overall viewsThree Case Study27% brand uplift 5. The Future for the Dancing Pony? 6. Thank You