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This is a real life story of a long distance relationship. Inspiring I would say and interesting journey.


This Is My Love Story By: ROSABELLA BACKUS I would like to share my love story and I hope that my love story will give inspiration to others. I came from family of 13 and second from the eldest. I left home when I was 12 to work and support my parents financially. I worked as a nanny, to all around, factory, gym instructress, and personal assistant. I was 3rd year high school then and a working student at 26 years old when I meet a gentle man online. On August 2005 I received a chat invitation from someone on yahoo 360 which, I have inactive account. Since it was inactive, I cant reply a message or email, not unless a person will leave YM account or email address. End of October when I received his 4th message, and this time he leave his YM account. It took couple of weeks before we settle our time and finally met on chat. First time weve chatted he ask me to have webcam on because he though Im a gay because back then I was in shape, muscular, we talking about biceps and triceps muscles on my profile picture. Then after he saw me on the webcam he ask for a voice chat so demanding individual I said to myself. Before we end our conversation, he asks me my phone or cell phone number and I ask him, why are you going to call me? then he said, Why would I? You know that calling overseas is very expensive and why would I do that while we can voice chat and talk online for free. So pathetic I said to myself, and I ask him, Why youre asking my number then! What for? He said, I just want to know if there is any other way I can reach you if incase I cant see you online. Hmmmmm what else can I say? I gave him my number any way, and then we end of our first conversation after that. I went home smiling, While am still puzzled about his character so pathetic yet I am still smiling thinking about his crazy character.Next day when I got home from the gym my bosss brother told me that some English speaking man called and was looking for me, I was thinking might be my boyfriend from Chicago whom I lost communication for months after he was assign to Afghanistan as a marine. After an hour the phone rang I pick it up, then here comes the English speaking man on the other line talking, I couldnt figure out who he is and I dont want to mention a name to keep my stand safe (hahahahahaa). So I ask, How was work? He said fine and ask me do I know whom I am talking to. Taking a wild guess is not my game, so I said no! His not happy with my answer but am just being honest, I said sorry but who am talking to? He said remember yesterday? I remember that pathetic guy quickly hit on my head and Im giggling telling him I thought you dont want waste your time and money to call me on my number how come you been calling me at least 3 times already while am not home. His laughing and said I just want to surprise you and I miss you. I said, really. Why would you miss someone you dont even know and only chatted once? He said, I dont know, but there is something in you that makes me smile. I remind him that I still had a boyfriend although we lost communication but I didnt forget that I had a boyfriend somewhere. He said I know all about it and that is what I like about you for being honest and he said that he just wants to talk to me. We talk for about four hours and I felt my ears are burning from the phone. Before we put down the phone, he said, I love you and I know you have a long lost boyfriend somewhere but Im also willing to fight for my feelings and let the best man win.After what he said we finish our conversation, after 3 hours he called me back and said there is something in you that make me feels complete and happy, and I call back to say I love you and I am serious about what Ive told you earlier. (Bwhahahaha) I was laughing and I said I think you just had fun talking to me earlier that is why you felt like that. He said, No I felt youre so especial to me. Since that day, we talk every single day but I told him that Im still not comfortable talking relationship between the two of us and he knows the reason why and he understood. Until one day he told me he wanted to come to Philippines and meet me personally so I can decide if I want him or not and that he dont have no doubt about his feelings he wants me and he loves me. I didnt believe on what he said but then he sent me a copy of his ticket and hotel in manila, meanwhile he didnt have any idea where Philippines is,(bwahahahahaa). Second week of April in 2006, he arrived in manila and finally we meet each other. In the same day he arrived, he asks me to marry him, at first I was shocked because that is not what we have talked about. What weve talked about is we have to met in person and get to know each other and see how it works afterward, but getting marriage soon isnt part of our plans, but then I said to myself, I wouldnt lost anything if I say yes. The following day, we went to Philippine Embassy and find out about fiance or spouse visa which of these two processes is the quickest one. Then we found out that fiance is quicker and since he only has 9 days to stay, we didnt get married. We have fun the whole time he was there and 9 days seems too short. The night before he left he didnt sleep and just hugged me all night with teary eyes and he told me his feeling bad. He cant see himself leaving me he felt his leaving half of his body. On the way to airport early in the morning we have talked about no crying, we did well from the beginning, but along the way, we both cried inside the cab. When he left I was lost and so sick longing for him, first time I said to myself I was in love out of nowhere and I dont care how it started all I know in my heart I love him much. Soon as he gets home he called me and told me he get home safe but his in pain for leaving me and that he misses me so much. He left me with promised that we communicate every single day and we did but more than just every day, he calls me at least 3 to 5 times a day whenever he get a change to call me he does. Long distance relationship it can never be perfect as it always have barriers along the way. I dont believe in perfect relationship because there will always be a trials that makes love grow stronger and each test will make both parties wiser, to find ways to survive because of one reason love. We have our ups and down, we argued more than normal until it came to the point where I wanted to kill myself on suicide. Until one day he told me he filed the fiance petition, which, I didnt believe until I have the papers on my hand and I told him now you did something for me to believe you. March 2 of 2007 I arrived here in New York. In addition, we got married after two months. Now we have two kids Apollo is 3 and Clinton is 2. He is not my first boy friend but I can say he is my first and last love. In addition, the downside is he spoiled me much when it comes to things I want. Now am going to college as Bachelor of Science in Health Administrator Health Management (BSHAHM) and went vacation last March 2010 and he did finally meet my family for the very first time. He is one sweet man, one of a kind boyfriend, best friend, husband, and father to our boys. When you love someone, there will be no enough reason and no ways of perfect explanations, you will sacrifice everything behind the only thing you see, and the only thing that gives you strength, LOVE. And thats what makes life so exciting because two of you know the fact that there is no perfect time and situation on loving each other and there are test that makes your love grow stronger and powerful that gives you strength to conquer each obstacles along the way. The only down side, even if you found your true love emotional stress is much stronger when you lost a love ones back home. (Rest in peace lola)