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  • 1. Which is the worlds biggest island? Australia GreatBritain Greenland

2. Which is the largest bear on theEarth? The Grizzly bear. The Polar Bear. The Black Bear 3. Where is the most northerlymosque? Norilsk, Russia. Nuuk, Greenland. Oslo, Norway. 4. Which is the fastest animal? Cheetah Leopard Elephant 5. Which is it worlds smallestcountry? Monaco Vatican CityLuxemburg 6. Which is worlds oldestconstruction (which still exists)? Tumulus of Bougon The Coliseum The Pyramids 7. Which is the worlds mostdangerous city? Ciudad Juarez Guatemala City Sao Paulo 8. Which is the worlds largest fruit? Jack fruit Pumkin Watermelon 9. Which is the worlds newestcountry? Timor-Leste Italy South Sudan 10. Where is the best place in theworld to see stars?Patagonia Fiji Scotland 11. Which is the worlds longest river? The Nile. The Yangtze. The Amazon 12. Which is the worlds mostpoisonous snake? The Death Adder The Tiger Snake The Belchers sea snake